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The Other Side!
11/8/2008 9:56:25 PM

I don't know how young I was when the phrase "The Other Side" entered into my consciousness. But it was the three words that
felt like truth to me and still does because I've always had a
slightly paranormal feel for the world.

Some call that magical thinking. I recall reading an article in a
prominent women's magazine (written by a man of course) that mandated magical thinking as being unrealistic, illogical
and even unhealthy!

What fun is it to not to look for a four leaf clover?

This unremembered author (by myself at least...even though
I no doubt have that magazine in a box in my backroom) would
really deride awareness of the other side.

how about mediumship? I'm even a bit of a skeptic about that
one... or at least claims to such a talent. But I am listening to
Steve Godfrey on the radio right now...(live Saturdays at 6pm 
Pacific time) ....and this is what he does!

So as an introduction to a new thread... I introduce you to Steve.

The Other Side With Steve Godfrey

"A reluctant medium at first and a profound skeptic, Steve was
absolutely shocked to discover his gift during his early thirties.
At the urging of those around him he began to do readings and
discovered that the connection with heaven was desperately
needed by so many who have lost faith or hope due to a loved
one's death. His mission in life is to help you believe that there
is life after death, and love eternal."

now...i have a slightly different take on what this is all about
but he is amazing at his readings and occasionally he isn't able
to connect and that's interesting too!



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