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Is the Palin/McCain Ticket Truly Christian?
10/29/2008 8:31:31 AM

Is the Palin/McCain Ticket Truly Christian?


As many of you are well aware, Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. John McCain have presented themselves as the presidential ticket that is truly Christian. They have highlighted their presentation by choosing a couple of divisive and controversial moral issues and stating that they will fight for them if elected in November.


Of course, every Bible believing Christian out there would be quickly inclined to leap into the Palin/McCain campaign wagon based on what their “professed” identity is. However, I think that most mature Christian would take the Bible and look at what Gov. Sara Palin is doing and saying, and look at what Sen. McCain is doing and saying, and conclude that they really do not represent Christian values at all.


Before I move on with my message let me make a couple of things extremely clear. I BELIEVE THAT THE KILLING OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING IS AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD. In other words, for me to remain faithful to the “pro-life” cause, not only do I have to reject the killing of unborn children, but I must also deplore the destruction of any human life. I cannot be “pro-life” in some cases only. I cannot be for God and against Him at the same time. This is why I am a conscientious objector. Not because I am unpatriotic as some would quickly brand me, but because my love for other humans is such, that by the mercy of God, I choose to honor God even if it means loosing my own life.


Secondly, I BELIEVE THAT MARRIAGE SHOULD ONLY BE BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. That is the way God intended it to be from the beginning, and that is the way that He wants it forever. I base my believe on Holy Scripture, and while I have no hard feelings towards those who live otherwise, I must stand before you now and testify to that fact. Nevertheless, the best way for me to give testimony of my Christian faith is not by forcing others to do as I say, but by giving a good example of what Christ Jesus said.


Because a true and tested Christian preaches by the way in which he or she lives out the Christian faith. A true believer walks the walk, for he knows that false prophets will deceive others with their talk (1 John 4:1). Moreover, there is no greater threat to Christianity than the deception of false prophets; nothing will turn off non-believers further away from God faster, than the bad example of those who profess, but refuse to confess by way of action.


Since Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain have stood before the nation and professed to be members of the Christian faith, it is important that we examine what they have said, and compare it with what they are doing. As you know, we are not to judge, especially those outside the faith. However, those who are wrong within the faith, we must correct and admonish for the sake of the Gospel.


Now, when Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain came before us and stated that they were for Christians values, did they do it to gain our vote, or because they truly meant it? I mean, have they done anything to further God’s teaching after they won your vote? Think about it, they know you are voting for them because you are against abortion and reject homosexuality. So, are they still telling the world what they believe, or will talking about it cost them some votes that they may need for the election? A true believer would be taking this opportunity to uphold the Name of Jesus up High for everyone to see. Yet ask them about any of those two issues right now, and they will go “political” on you. Why? They will go “political” because they have not secured the vote of the independents, and many of them are not Christians. So they “got the Christian vote”, now they need to get the independent vote. They will do so at whatever cost as evidenced by their behavior thus far. So there is some inconsistency here and as Christians we need to question their motive.


Not only that, the tone that their campaign has taken in recent day has a negative racial undertone. It is fueled by words that can lead this nation in to a state of chaos, and it can revert the progress that the Church has made in promoting equality and justice for all people. Personally, I would be ashamed of being affiliated with anyone who claims to be a Christian, but then discredits the Name of Christ by promoting bigotry, hatred, and slander. Additionally, all that this type of message is doing is validating and legitimizing those who are against equality. This type of irresponsible and selfish message should never be spread, especially at a time when our nation is in desperate need of unity.


Obviously, Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain’s actions speak louder than words. They are poisoning the people with words that resonate separatism, discrimination, oppression, racism, and greed. Not one of these ideals that are being encouraged by Palin/McCain has a basis in Christ; in fact, all of them are in opposition to Christ. They do not edify, encourage, nor promote hope, and they empower only the oppressors.


Therefore, I feel that at this junction when as I have heard McCain’s campaigners say, “the gloves” have come off, and where mud dragging and slandering is the goal, the Church has a responsibility to distance itself from the counter productive actions of those who claim to be Christians but act otherwise. As Holy Scripture tells us, “Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.” (Psalm 85:10)


In addition, “If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight reign on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless”(James 1:26) Also, “When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal.” (James 3:3) Because even though “the tongue is a small part of the body…. it corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” (James 3:6)



So you can see the danger that those in the Church are taking when giving any political figure the seal of approval, and when the Church brands any group as the Christian party. This goes beyond the scope of evangelizing, and if anything, it is counterproductive to the Gospel of Christ. Now, I am not suggesting that you endorse the other party, but rather that you not endorse politicians when they come to you for votes.


The only thing that the Christian Church, and that you and I should be endorsing or promoting at full speed, is the Gospel of Christ. If we focus on that, we will not need the politicians to enforce what we have failed to teach. If we focus on preaching about Christ, the people will become solid Christians that will be able to make a decision on their own without us having to taint ourselves with politics.


We should not allow the Gospel of Christ to be compromised by charlatans that masquerade as believers of the Cross. We need to let everyone know that the only Truth, the only Way, and the only Life is Christ. We cannot put our entire trust on anything but our Lord and Savior, and we as a Church must act with distinction to ensure that the integrity of the Gospel is not compromised.


For the Glory of the Kingdom of Christ,


Rev. Father Abad A. Perez




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Re: Is the Palin/McCain Ticket Truly Christian?
10/31/2008 2:09:37 PM
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