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Adult Stem Cells
10/22/2008 1:02:20 PM
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Frank Craig
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Re: Adult Stem Cells
2/12/2009 6:58:32 AM

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La Nell !

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Person Of The Week
The May Feature Of The Month (FOTM) is Sara Blow.
4/15/2009 3:02:14 PM
Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From FOTM Team! :-) Myrna,Patricia,Branka,Rinna,LaNell                                                                                                        
Feature Of The Month                                                                       Wink Each month we will honor a special friend in the community. Send us your nominations by email.                    
Congrats to Sara Blow who is our May 2009 FOTM!Cool   

Expressions of Nature-To bring beauty, love and happiness by featuring a Poet Monthly, saying we care with a Candle of Love, Beauty of Butterflies, lovely pictures and some laughs. When you need a friend...
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person's main photo Hello Everyone, My name is Myrna. I am pleased to announce our May 2009 FOTM. It is our special friend Sara Blow.  Sara is a very talented graphic artist and writer who loves God, people, animals, poetry and nature. We love her pictures that she has created and posted in our forums! Our Kansas friend has a  friendly and caring personality. Thank you Sara for making our community so colorful.                                                                  


Here are some comments from Sara's friends:Angel  
Saturday, March 22, 2008 - rated: 10
Hi Sara,

How does one even begin to write a feedback response about you? LOL! You are one who can paint goodness anywhere. It is you who puts words in our minds as portraits of your thoughts. I have very much enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. May you be blessed with many lovely friends.


Friday, January 02, 2009 - rated: 10

It is an honor to include you and your forum as the Best Forum Award winner for AUGUST 2008. Keep up the good work and creating excitement here in Adlandpro.

BFA Team!

PS: Visit the BFA Winner's Gallery at:                    
Friday, January 16, 2009 - rated: 10
I am blessed to call you friend :-) pity I can give you only a ten!




 Sara's Bio:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Thank you FOTM Team for this presentation. You are doing very well with your forum.


By now, most of you have read about me and parts of my life.  This is a chance to tell of where I am now in life.  It is great not having to go to a work-a-day job anymore.  I work but on my own schedule and I love it. 


My sons are both happy in their marriages and I have one granddaughter and a grandson by marriage.  Wilson has grown close to my children over the years and finally we get to see more of his son.  His daughter does not visit that often, just calls occasionally – she has his only grandson.  Anyway, Wilson and I spend our time with each other and the pets.  We both like most of the same things and love to have great conversations.  After all these years (23 now) you would think we had talked about everything but we always find something interesting to both of us.


Our dog, Molly, brings us lots of joy; along with the female cats, Meagol & Little Miss.  Last summer we had a stray kitten wander up and he stayed.  He is now a big Tom cat named B. C. (boy cat).  They are all very amusing to watch and be around.


After 18 years, off & on, of living in Kansas, I am still a stranger.  Friends are hard to come by if you weren’t born and raised here.  Most of my really good friends whom I acquired here from working at Senior Center have about all passed on.  Other friends have moved away or have just lost touch with.  I truly miss family and friends from Alabama but we do stay in touch.  My only brother and I stay in touch, as well as many cousins.  It is just not the same as a good ole one-on-one visit though.  I have my church friends and know just about everyone around but it still is not the same.


Life is good for us we live simple and enjoy simple things.  We love our gardens, both vegetable and flower.  We love bird-watching and all nature has to offer.  Sometimes we take road trips to observe wildflowers and birds.  We have a 40 acre pasture behind us with a pond and windbreaks on North and West, so there is much to explore.  I love finding those rare wildflowers, always a thrill each year when they come up.


It might seem like a dull life to many but everyday for us is filled with excitement of some kind.  We look forward to our time together and I enjoy my online enterprises.  We are very thankful for what God has given us.


This community is very important to me and many of you have become a part of my life. There are so many loving, intelligent, and supportive friends here from all over the world. I thank Bogdan for making this community available to all of us for it is unique in the way it is handled and how we can develop friendships – even marriages!! So let’s continue to spread that love, hugs, and peace throughout the community.


With thanks,


Newly created for public use is Animations and Graphics

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