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Re: I take nothing for granted.....
1/16/2005 6:45:35 AM
I learned the hard way to never take my health for granteMy Story In August of 1999, I was using a riding lawn mower to clear brush on our property. All of a sudden I couldn’t breath. My husband said by the time he reached me I had stopped breathing. The doctors think I had a severe asthma attack however, I think I must have been allergic to some type of pollen. I was placed on life support and they told my husband I would have permanent brain damage due to the lack of oxygen and may never wake up. I did get better and was eventually sent home with multiple prescriptions and oxygen. I then contracted spinal meningitis. Once again I was placed on life support. They were able to take me off life support after about ten days, but I was never able to care for myself after that episode. In April 2004 doctors told my husband that he needed to place me in a nursing home, as it was not safe to leave me alone. By the grace of god he refused to accept this recommendation. Based on the files my husband found on my computer, I was some how able to use the Internet on April 19th and complete a survey to have a home based business. Please understand that at that time I was unable to feed myself or even walk room to room. Fortunately, because of the survey I completed, my name was put on a lead list, and Michelle Seamons from Mannatech contacted me. She realized I was not able to work, as I was far too ill. I started on multiple Mannatech products on June 23rd 2004. On June 26th I became alert enough that I was once again able to talk and communicate in an intelligent manner. At that time I was taking 23 daily medications. I am pleased to tell you that when I saw my General Practitioner in October of 2004, he could not believe my improvement. I currently only take one RX, for my breathing. I have gone from being bedridden at the end of June to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane, and have been without a cane since November 2nd, 2004.

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