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Pauline Raina

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Its Voting time again folks!!..... BFA August 2008!
7/13/2008 9:39:40 AM

                               To inspire and reward !

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Dear Friends

Voting for the 'Best Forum August 2008' begins now, and ends on 23rd JULY, we have an awesome line up of  nominees, and a cash prize of $200/- to be won !!  Voting will help us to narrow down  to thE best forums we are looking for this month.

Winners of each months award can look forward to the 'Best Forum of the Year Award'  with a grand  prize of $1000/-!!!!!

For the benefit of those friends who do not know  the procedure of this award here are the details;

Stage 1 :   Nominations.A thread

                     will be set up every month.                                                                   

Stage 2:   All nominated forums go up for voting,
                    and the top 5 forums getting
                    the most votes go on to  the next stage;
                     and that is.....

Stage 3 :  The judging round. In this we have 5
                    categories that
are judged by 3 judges
                     who are rotated every month.

a] Visual    b] Originality  c]  Organized
                   d] Owner's interest   e] Professionalism

Bonus Criteria added: and that is the MOST VOTED FORUM gets 5  points added to their total score, the next get 4 and so forth.So the votes  polled  do make a huge difference to your score. As can be seen in the template of the winners forum.

Please also note there is just one prize of  $200/- to be won, and no other prize With that said...            

Bogdan says:

"The BFA role is to inspire and reward members who bring quality, consistency and professionalism to this community. "

"Today we have also brought under discussion one additional criteria which would be based on voting.
Initial name for this criteria would be "Top Voted Forum" and would be receiving from 1 to 5 points where top voted forum would receive 5 points, the second 4 and so on. This way members who have lots of friends and create lots of discussions get rewarded for bringing visitors to our site."

This new criteria would have 16% influence on the final mark.

So get all your friends to come vote !!!

Here are the list of nominees:-



      Forum owner: Ana Maria Padurean




       Forum owner:  Sara Blow





       Forum owner; John Partington





      Forum owner:  Carla Carey




      Forum owner:  Gerri Decher



Good luck to all the nominees, may the best one win!

warm regards

Pauline Raina

VOTE for the Best Forum for August 2008
Good luck to all our nominees. Friends spread the word VOTE !!!
Romania......Ana Maria Padurean - (0)
Expressions of nature...Sara Blow - (29)
Just Perfect.....John Partington - (31)
Adlandpro Prayer Cell...Carla Carey - (7)
Healing Vibrations.....Gerri Decher - (5)
This poll has expired.
Total Votes: 72

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Jen Maxwell

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Re: Its Voting time again folks!!..... BFA August 2008!
7/13/2008 10:05:18 AM

Hi Pauline,

Difficult as it was my vote is in!

Good luck to all the nominees.

Have a great week,


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Jim Allen

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Re: Its Voting time again folks!!..... BFA August 2008!
7/13/2008 10:16:03 AM
Hello Pauline,

Hope your day is great. 

My vote has been cast, so many good friends are represented.  Tough just to pick one.  I did though.


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May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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Thomas Richmond

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Re: Its Voting time again folks!!..... BFA August 2008!
7/13/2008 10:59:28 AM
You Rock Sister! Thanks for the forum. My votes in :) God_bless you and your family!.... He (or she) refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25      :)
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Re: Its Voting time again folks!!..... BFA August 2008!
7/13/2008 11:26:49 AM
Such a difficult decision but I have made mine.
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