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Beryl Payton

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Re: Jewellery with a Purpose
7/10/2008 3:24:00 PM

Hi Taisa,

Thank you.  I will certainly be checking back often.  I have been interested in stones and gems, and have admired them from a very young age.

My grandmother named me out of the Bible.  There and in Webster's dictionary, it states my name as a precious gem and precious stone.  The Bible states my name as a precious gem found in the breatplate of the high priest.

Thank you again for sharing your designs with me.

    ThanksSwan-LMG1.gif picture by jeana900



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Re: Jewellery with a Purpose
7/12/2008 10:27:54 PM

Stones, Crystals, and their intentions:

Looking for Happiness? Pay attention on those stones:  

Citrine: Brings in joy, self-assuredness, abundance and hope. Aids circulation and digestion. Enhances the body's healing energy.
Peridot: Soothes nervousness and dispels all negative emotions. Calms anger and relieves depression. Aids detoxification.
Carnelian: A symbol of the warm, vitalizing positive energy of the earth. Instills a feeling of well being and inflowing power.


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Never stop to have sweet dreams!

To your Happiness!




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Steven Suchar

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Re: Jewellery with a Purpose
7/13/2008 5:57:38 PM
Thank You Taisa  :)

Best graphics for your profile!
Peter Fogel

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Re: Jewelery with a Purpose
7/13/2008 10:05:36 PM

Shalom Taisa,

It's great to see you here again. :)

Your new website is very nice with beautiful jewelery. It's obvious that you love what you are creating.

Much luck with your new venture.



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