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6/12/2008 12:12:59 PM
Hello Adland "Friends",

We have a close race in the POTW and only 54 votes cast thus far.  Please show your support for the nominees and the POTW by casting your votes, before midnight PDT.

Please Vote for the 148th POTW

  • Diane Bjorling (33.3%)
  • Fionnuala Fox (9.3%)
  • Leslie Combs (25.9%)
  • Nick Grimshawe (31.5%)
  • Total Votes: 54
  • Voting Ends: 6/12/2008

As a member of the POTW Awards Team, I have noticed that very few folks have actually become friends of the POTW Awards Team. 

Often we find that the folks we communicate with in the forums here at AdlandPro are not on our friends list as yet.  Many times I have found that people that I consider to be friends, have not been invited to my own friends list.  A simple friend invite remedies this situation.

Invite the POTW Awards Team to be friends today!

Thank You,

Jim Allen III
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Jim Allen III
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