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Kathleen Vanbeekom

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Re: Ladies, here's one to think about...
7/7/2009 12:37:24 PM

Hi John,

Someone just pointed me here.  I think I saw this last year, it looks familiar!

Men can also be rather dopey, I have a friend who gets phone calls every day from a very young unmarried woman who has 3 kids, and he thinks she just wants his sage advice, blah blah.  I told him she probably wants him to be the daddy of her 4th baby so HE can pay for all those kids!  His lightbulb still hasn't gone on yet!

I was talking to this same friend about another mutual friend we have who works at the deli, and I said...if he brings you a free sandwich every day, maybe I'll just start showing up at your house at lunchtime and he can bring both of us free sandwiches!  My friend then said "You want to sleep with him?" LOL!  I said..."WOW, what a great idea! How old is he? I can get free sandwiches AND someone younger than you! THANKS for mentioning it!"

This friend really needs a new lightbulb inside his head.

John Leal

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Re: Ladies, here's one to think about...
7/7/2009 7:02:36 PM

Hi Kath

Don't you know that men are STILL confused?

Seriously, if a young lady with 3 kids makes a play for (I'm guessing) an older man with means, it's as you suggested. She's looking for a father for her kids. But, on the other hand, the man has an instant boost to his ego and thinks, wow, she's interested in little old me. He's thinking of the fringe benefits and not the consequences.

The scenario reminds me of the young unmarried mother of 7 children being interviewed at Social Security. The clerk asks her if any of the children have the same father. She replies, "Yes, the twins".

As regards the free sandwiches, men do jump to conclusions. But they aren't on their own when it comes to being fed at both ends, especially if it's FREE! "Would you like a sandwich with that, Madam?"


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