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6/3/2008 11:32:31 AM
Hi I am Rev Joy Gartside and I own the Joybunny group of sites. These consist of one core site and currently two others, though this is in the process of being expanded.
The core site is my main business site where the buyer can view and purchase various items of a craft nature including baby items and>> teddy bears as well as dolls and dolls clothes.  All the items on this site are made by myself and are original designs.  I also have insect
designs such as stick insects made from natural materials and safe for children options such as Halloween spiders, again all made by myself and original designs.  There are a few original fine art paintings for sale as well and I do commissions of subjects that a buyer may want,
for example I recently completed a painting of star gazer lilies that was commissioned by someone in the USA.  This brings me to my last point about Joybunnys I ship all over the world so there is no need to miss out on any of my designs.

This is mainly a site for students to peruse and for anyone who loves art and art history to come and browse.  It has loads of images from various artists in the public domain  and some of the images have critical text attached which is all researched and copyright rev joy Gartside JOYS CHRISTIAN Q&A

a site that caters for the young Christian and the not so young answering some questions and providing thought provoking text.


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