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Mahlon Grube

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5/30/2008 1:41:25 AM

A woman in our diet club was lamenting that she had gained weight. She'd made her family's favorite cake over the weekend, she reported, and they'd eaten half of it at dinner.

The next day, she said, she kept staring at the other half, until finally she cut a thin slice for herself. One slice led to another, and soon the whole cake was gone. The woman went on to tell us how upset she was with her lack of willpower, and how she knew her husband would be disappointed.

Everyone commiserated, until someone asked what her husband said when he found out. She smiled. "He never found out. I made another cake and ate half!"


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Heidi Stern

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5/30/2008 7:06:57 AM

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Phillip Black

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5/30/2008 9:11:18 AM

Hi Mahlon,

Thanks for the laughs.  Having fought the "Battle of the Bulge" over the years, I can certainly understand where she's coming from and I have to admire her quick thinking.

Speaking of Dieting, as always, Maxine has a few thoughts on that subject...

Success At Last


A Little Fashion Statement

And One Final Thought

Have A Happy Weekend,


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5/30/2008 11:32:51 AM

Now that's one ingenious lady Mahlon!  And I liked Phil's 'Maxine' cartoons, too.

I've only recently discovered how long it takes on a treadmill to lose that dessert I ate last night  :-(    Somehow I'm not as hungry when I think of the work I'm going to have to do LOL


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