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System or Product?
5/29/2008 8:06:37 PM
Do you get excited about new systems. Systems designed to create traffic, systems designed to build lists, systems designed to earn unimaginable fast  money.

   Systems continually pop up with the next latest and greatest....... yet most have NO PRODUCT!

You must have a product if it is going to find a lasting place in the market. There must be a value beyond simply being the latest and greatest "this or that" if you are going to spend your time (and money) marketing and promoting it.

Most latest and greatest traffic generation systems, social networks, e books and so called wonderful new software programs are not improvements on things that have been around for years. Sure they may have more bells and whistles - but do they "really" add value to the market place? ..... NO!

Friends - there must be a product of lasting value if it warrants time and effort marketing. Most of the latest and greatest I have looked at do nothing new, nothing extraordinary and are not lasting. A few make a little money.... even a  smaller few make a lot, but when you follow them (the leaders promoting the systems),a year down the road they are marketing something knew. "That's CRAP"

Find a product that has lasing value and market it like crazy. Build a lasting residual income with a product you do not need to replace with the next latest and greatest bundle of false promises.

One World United has a product that fits the times. It has a product that can last. It has all the makings of something of lasting value. Build a business with a product like we have and you will be happy for years to come.

It is not the only product out there, but it is the one I choose with ever increasing commitment.

Why am I committed to One World? .... check this out!

One World United

What is One World United?
- We are a Discount Buying group..... members get discounts when they shop at participating merchants both online and offline.

What has that got to do with MasterCard? - Our membership card IS a MasterCard Debit card, thus you get the benefit of having a MasterCard even if you do not use it as a discount card. (no approval required - load the card with your own money through your bank)

Use the MasterCard anywhere MasterCard is Accepted.

Again - Our membership card is a MasterCard Debit Card.

How is this a business opportunity? We are growing our membership base through word of mouth network marketing.... legal and approved for all of N. America with plans for global expansion.

Associates can participate in growing our merchant accounts (thus increasing the number of merchants who honor the card and give members a discount), as well as by developing a team of members. Associates can earn from 12 income streams, and more coming!

Where can one shop for discounts now? We already have an increasing number of merchants offline, plus we have an online shopping mall of over 700 stores. More discounts coming! (including a membership Travel Discount package, to be launched in summer of 2008)

Is there a cost? Of course, how can money be earned if there is no cost?

The membership card has an annual fee of $125.00.
Typical banking fees are charged for card use.
No interest costs are charged as the card must be loaded (from your bank) with your own money.

Anyone wanting to develop a business to grow memberships has two options.
1- Purchase the business kit for $49.00
2- Purchase the business kit plus the training kit for $199.00

Both 1 and 2 are one time fees!

WOW - What a Membership Card!

A Master Card that Doubles as a Discount Card.
That IS our membership card.

Get the card that Saves!

Add One World United's Compensation plan
and EARN.
 Join my team, the team that 

My team earns together, "because we work together!"

Membership in One World United
Means a Great Deal!

    Membership means a Great Deal of income potential.

    Membership means a Great Deal when you purchase everyday items, both off line and on line.

    Membership means a Great Deal when you Travel. Amazing travel package coming this    

    Membership means a Great Deal of Opportunities.

    Membership means a Great Deal for Merchants who join our program FREE and receive a 
    built in customer loyalty program.

    Membership means a Great Deal when you shop from our on line shopping mall of over   
700 stores.

    Membership means a Great Deal of fun when you take advantage of our Entertainment

    Membership means a Great Deal of new friends and contacts as you grow your business.

    Membership means a Great Deal to your on line or off line business ventures.

    Membership means a Great Deal because our membership card doubles as a MasterCard
    Debit Card. Use it everywhere MasterCard is accepted!

No credit approval required.

Membership truly means a GREAT DEAL!

Have you checked it out yet?


Re: System or Product?
5/29/2008 10:08:57 PM

Hi Neil,   :) Dianne in NZ here...

  Great Post!  and Yes I agree it should always be about the product or service and also the value it brings to all that need it... or use it.. 

 You can't help but make money if you have something of great value..  :)

There is so many new crazy things out there at the moment,  While I am 100% commited to the Mentors Club..  like you with your One World United.. 

I went on a mission and have been researching some new advertising resources.. while some were ok, and some completely sucked..  I found this on my search for effective advertising that works.. 

And When the Product is Very Responsive Advertising it is always a good thing..

So simple that many big leaders and business builders are asking,

 "Why didn't someone think of this before now?"

 Anyone needing an Exceptional Advertising Platform for their online business, This is an absolute must see... 

The Holy Grail of Advertising..  and while it is still ground floor, millions need this, and WILL be using it in the future.. Guarantee it...  

Cash Back Advertising, That Works, and works very well...     "Revenue Magic"

 Get paid to advertise your business..  it is awesome.. and there is a community over there much like Adland.. and growing every day!


Best Wishes, Dianne in NZ :)





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Neil Sperling

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Re: System or Product?
5/30/2008 9:04:52 AM
Dianne- Thanks for the tip and dropping by !


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