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Dianne Kneller-weaver
BirthdaySaturday, April 24, 1965
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About Me

Hi !  

 Dianne Here, I live in Auckland, New Zealand, "you know that tiny little country at the bottom of the globe"........ 


My Partner ( The Love of my Life) Kevin, he's the cute one in the photo...&

I have four boys, Nik, Reece, Travis, &  Sean.....& a stepson Jason, I love them all, but I should be completely grey haired by now....  Teenagers ?  


All Older Now except lucky last Sean who is Ten ,


 We live in a nice little house,  (at least we own it!), well the bank does really for a little while longer anyway......  The Mansion will be coming soon, that's

the plan anyway!  Just taken a little longer than I thought,  Not to worry!


I always swore I wouldn't go near the internet, I only had it for the Kids to do

their Homework...... WELL!   Just under three years ago I couldn't even send an email,

Shock, Horror,    but it has been a hard & fast learning process so far,

Then of course the massive information overload! in the beginning, Ouch!


 I was always a sucker for a good sales first year, Not any more now!  Always thought there would be a quick easy way to this internet marketing,  " Boy Was I Wrong"......


It has taken me 3yrs to find my dream buisness, and I am so excited I can now help others make money and have fun at the same time... Life is Great!!! 


I always preferred to do business face to face myself,  then people can usually tell you are a genuine & honest person.  The internet has definitely changed all that.....takes a lot longer to get people to trust you, for obvious reasons.


Anyway! I could write a book, Maybe I will one day, just not here! Don't want to bore anyone  just yet!

Will look forward to making new  friends &  some new business partners in the near future... 

But Please if you are a scam artist, don't add me to your friends list,  I've probably already met you OK.........


If you aren't, then I will look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks for Reading if you made it all the way down here.....

Bye for Now,

Sincerely Dianne. (gojigirl)

P.S. Maybe I should change that to goji lady, Nah!


Rock Your world with us here.. 




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Victor Johnson - (11/8/2010 4:23:15 AM) : Hi Dianne Pleased to read about your internet business success, very compelling. You should check the Mentors Club URL in your About Me block because it cannot connect to the server, for me anyway and I have Firefox.
Joelees Wholesale - (8/30/2007 3:57:19 PM) : Hi Dianne,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee


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