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The Resurrection
5/17/2008 8:56:00 AM
  Dear friends
Today I will tell you what is my opinion regarding the ageold concept of RESURRECTION, What is that?

     I guess many religious people regard it with some awe and expectation at the same time. In their minds some people are postponing this  sure Divine Event with a thousand year, year after year, just like they postpone the Judgement Day. Do they they believe they have to be doomed? I think they should otherwise  pray God to make the Resurrection come as early as possible.
But, I know, all too many believe that while in the grave, under the lid of a coffin we will all of a sudden brake through it and up to the surface of the earth and fly to heaven. Of course that would be very dramatic and chaotic so maybe it should be postponed. If I believed that I might have postponed it too. For who knows what God knows about us and our innermost.

As a Bahai I am released from belief in such a description of Resurrection, which is called a literal interpretation of the text.
Here is the  non-literal explanation with exemples.:

The diciples of Christ were resurrected through their Faith in Him. The Israelites were resurrected through Faith in Moses. And abandoned the worship of the calf or whatever. Surely the diciples of Christ did not die first in order to reach the heaven of their hearts, which is Faith in the Almighty God, through the love-creating works and Words of His Son Jesus.Neither are there any records of the Israelites dying first when turning to the life- giving Words of His Holiness Moses.
I believe.:
In the Bible by death is meant spiritual death.Not physical death.
I was dead spiritually before I received Faith in God through the Holy Spirit . So we are resurrected from spiritual death.
By grave is meant to be remote from God, to roam the  desolate" wilderness of unbelief", to be lost in the whims and fancies  and what not  which abounds in the age in which we live, all due to the loss of spiritual life.
Moreover: this is an age when the seekers for Truth are looking for another death, which is how to die from the world and live in God. It is a time when faith  has taken on the character of  belief in the letter, just as it was when Jesus came, and not belief through the spirit. The Pharisees and their followers were literalists and dead. They were lieing in their graves, spritually speaking.They refused to be born of the Spirit, so what remained, a literal understanding, leading to the sacrifice that Jesus went through.

The Great Resurrection Day  after Jesus , what is that then? The Resurrection which is spoken of so eagerly. My answer is that it is the Arrival of  the BAB, The Herald of Bahaullah, and that was also the return of Elijah. Elias. This happened in 1844. By then the sign of which Jesus has spoken occurred.   The GOSPEL HAD REACHED EVERY COUNTRY AND REGION OF THE GLOBE.The interior of Africa was reached by the Word of of Jesus in 1844!!!!! People all over the world were sent out to spread the Gospel IN ORDER TO  DELIBERATELY HELP GOD ADVANCE THE RESURRECTION DAY. To study the enormous missionary work that was done by Christians all over the world is most fashinating. I promise you.If you do you have a brave heart, eagerly seeking the whole and pressing Truth behind the huge never  ever seen global  outburst of activities among the Christians of the time? Then go for it. It is all well documented. Sure all this is for real.
Make a pause here, and say to your self, Jesus promises are real and true, so I must act according to them. This way I will be happy and this way only will Jesus be happy for my sake.
If you just  look at this single sign of Jesus , the Gospel having reached all corners of the earth, and  follow it up with examining what  God has brought for us  in 1844 and do not bother about all the other signs, (Which actually form a  streaming flood) you will be so amazed, and be so filled with thankfulness to the loving beneficent God that you'll never forget it. It will be imprinted in your soul forever and fill your heart with everlasting
joy and an abiding sense of security. And your love for Jesus and His gladness will increase greatly as it has for me..
And you will understand what this means: "No one knows the joy of the mystic".

Now, see, this. the Bab founded a religion too, containing laws and prescriptions on top of giving the Glad Tidings of the near  Advent of  "HIM WHOM GOD WILL MADE MANIFEST".
By HIM the Bab meant the arrival of the Glory of God, Bahaullah, who is the Son COME IN THE GLORY OF HIS FATHER.
After only 19 years, in 1863 Bahaullah declared to His hearers that He was the One the Bab had predicted to come.
Talking about Resurrection, that Day in 1863 was the Resurrection day, once again, for the Babis. Some believed in Bahaullah, some hesitated and were of the lost ones. There are still Babis in the world. It sounds strange to me.
For me when having gained my Faith in Bahaullah, through the intervention of Gods helping hand, I was also resurrected, after having immersed myself "in the Ocean of His Revelation". As can all and everybody be.
You do not have to die first. You are in heaven, heart soaring in the heaven of Gods love, when you just turn your heart to Bahaullah, which is to turn to the "Whole Truth" which the diciples "couldn't bear."Remember Jesus' words. His name is everywhere in the Bible, "the Glory of the Lord," coming "through the way of the East". "Even from Assyria".

So this time it is a global resurrection day or time, and this experience is in another way, a wonderful way, just as dramatic as the literal understanding of the resurrection.
The first message of Morse,, in 1844 (oct) was ."What has God wrought?"
Many a loving soul has shed his life-blood in the Path of the Lord and been martyred for carrying this message to the hearts of men. It is well documented. Even priests of that aerea, Iran,- where the Revelations and the very first Resurrections of people took place,- took part with their own hands in the slaying of pious righteous souls. Bahaullah was tortured and banished, the Bab was shot. (during miraculous circumstances.)
There is a practical point to this spiritual way of looking at the Resurrection. One gets the great advantage of being able to tell people on earth about it, to help them find the means to resurrect. Spiritually.
If this event was to be taken literally then how would you be able, while floating in the atmosphere, to tell people the Glad Tidings of the Holy Arrival of Gods Mightiest Manifestation, after a long period of about 1300 years,(since Muhammed) or if you prefer, after  about 2000 years since the time of Jesus. You would  indeed have to scream very load then if you wanted to tell somebody about you being resurrected into the sky.

With the spiritual understanding one doesn't need belief in miracles, such as soaring up into this firmament or something else , vaguely imagined, which is equally contradictive of Gods Mercy and Wisdom. And in this way you understand that the greatest Miracle is the intense gladness , love  and strength you receive from God through the Holy Spirit.                               If you want to soar, I tell you, to soar is simply to be glad in the love of the Lord. Find that joy and that heaven instead!
What did Jesus mean when He said,He "came from heaven", do you think?. Of course it is this heaven of eternal bliss and spiritual reality. It is so clear , clearer then the light of the sun in the sky.

So, a conclusion: God knows well that He must treat us humans according to our finite minds, He doesn't violate our intellect either, forcing miracles upon us. The Holy Being, God, still exceeds all that we ever can imagine and His eternal and inscrutable sovereignty is not diminished, by giving us this solution to our salvation today which I have presented here.On the contrary, we see God as a still higher Sovereign and Helper.

Still, it is not easy to get the heart filled to the brim with this heaven, one must make some effort, seek out the Books of Revelation, reread the old texts to be assured ,one must dispel the mists and clouds of misinterpretations of the Holy Books that has  been done formerly by  almighty leaders of the churches. One must empty oneself of superstitious concepts that has been handed down through the centuries.Prejudice must be abandoned.The heart must be fully prayerfully exposed to Gods mercifulness in order to receive His Guidance, Above all: be a seeker of the Truth. Be a seeker of the Truth and not any more be an adherent to unwise dogmas  that obscure the emergence of the Holy Truth.  These dogmas are the clouds that follows the Holy Return, which Jesus tells us about.

Concerning death, physical death. Bahaullah reveals this:

I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendour.
Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?

With the joyful tidings of light I hail thee;
rejoice! To the court of holiness
I summon thee; abide therein that thou mayest live in peace for evermore.

The Glory of God

The Lord is All-powerful in all His Kingdoms  and where we dwell after physical death and in His wisdom He will rescue those who are dead and restore their Faith, through His Messenger Bahaullah, 
I may have spoken  very cathegorically, but all I have said is due to my firm Faith , to spiritual arguments and according to reason .Such is my Faith.
"You should love God with all your heart, your soul and your understanding,"  says the Holy Oldest Texts.(My faulty translation)

Bye for now. I hope this will make my forum explode with interesting viewpoints. That arguments for and against will appear abundantly.

Kind regards from

"Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens" "The source of arts and crafts is the power of reflection" Bahá'u'lláh.1817-1892 Founder of the Bahái'Faith

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