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About Me
Hello to you visitor! Be my guest. Well come! For a long time I have introduced my art ( and my little business This 3rd link is about my Faith, Bahai Now I want to tell you what inspires me to make my happy art and what guides me in life: The Bahai Faith. I am a follower of Bahaullah,(1817 - 1892) Who is the Founder of this Faith. First I wish to tell about the Promises of Christ: Among His very clear promises there are three as for WHEN He , the Son would come in the Glory of His Father, (God) bearing a new Name.: 1.His Gospel would have been preached everywhere on earth. 2. The times of the Gentiles (Palestine was held by non-jews, moslems, regarded as gentiles by the jews, when this was mentioned.) would have been fulfilled, ended, and the Jews would then return to Israel (then Palestine). 3. All mankind would see the "abomination of desolation", foretold by Daniel, the Prophet.Jesus asks us to remember this prophesy. The international Bible Society decided that the Gospel had been preached to every region of the world by 1844. Missionaries had arrived into the interior of Africa, the last spot where the Gospel was to be preached. Regarding the first and third promise: Matthew 24:13-14. 24:15. The Edict of Toleration was an agreement from 1844 between the English authorities and the Turkish Ottoman Empire, an Edict which confirms the right for Jews to return to the Holy Country,Palestine. In the same chapter of Matthew we find what the Christians like to remember: many false prophets would come and make people bewildered. So Who is the true One? It seems to me that many Christians do not examine anybody who makes prophetic claims, because of this warning, being afraid of stumbling upon false prophets, one after the other. One thing is sure, He, Jesus, shall bear another name. See: Rev. 3:12-13. So, the returned Promised One is not to be found among the Christians. OK? Bahaullah means the Glory of God.His name is not Jesus Christ. Among His "Fruits" by which we can judge the True One-- :His prescriptions, we can find these: There is one God The world religions are one Mankind is one Equality between man and woman Harmony between science and religion An international auxiliary language, one script system, one measure system one currency Compulsory schooling abd education of all children A world Government A world tribunal to solve international conflicts Universal Peace A spiritual solution to economic problems Bahaullah arrived when nobody expected that, during the 19th century. "During the Night of waywardness and negligence of God."(My formulation). His first teachings were revealed through His Herald the Báb (the Gate) in 1844. According to S:t Johns Revelation,we will not find the returned Christ among Christians. He will be found somewhere else. Among other congregations OK?. It is the duty I'd say, for Christians to go on examining and scrutinizing the "truth" prophets, who have appeared here and there up to this day, all since the 19th century. Wouldn't this be intriguing for a Christian. Just see how many who have made the same claim as Bahaullah, who have presented laws and prescriptions and how they look like, for the whole world. I know of no one else. It will be an easy task. All othersd exept Bahaullah have tried to reform any of the older Faiths, so they are to be called sects of older religions. The Bahai Faith is an independent revelation founded in islamic surroundings, just like the Christian Faith had a Jewish surrounding So... Bahaullah was born 1817 in a family of noble lineage, His ancestors being traced back to Abraham and Keturah. Also His line is traced back to the Sassanidian Kings. He passed away, still a Turkish prisoner of State, in Bahji, Israel 1892. His Faith is spread all over the world and the Bahais rever the name of Jesus the Christ. We do not deny the name of Christ and His divine Teachings. We defend Him when people speak thoughtlessly of Him. We believe in the immaculate birth of Christ. Bahaullah has glorified Him, as also the true One from God would do, He whom would be sent even by Jesus.So... I became a believer in Christ when I had become a Bahai. That was indeed a great Illumination.(I have written about it to people at the forums of Adland) That is verily so. Who, among you readers would answer me and send me another question or even say, well this has to be examined????! The old worlds nature as we know it has changed. The surface of the earth is badly damaged. Half of the land is now cultivated. Two thirds of the worlds rivers do not reach the seas any more! Inland seas have disappeared, The glaciers are melting,.Al Gore is one of the many who is warning us all about natures dire condition. We must completely change our way of living if we are to survive after 20-30-40-50 years, the amount of years differ among the meteorologists and other scientists.But is not even 50 years ahead of us very close? How would our children survive?. If we do not change our lives, our spiritual status first, beginning to look for Him Who has laid out a new World Order,there will be universal catastrophes one following the other. That is one side of the concept in question- "world." Bahaullah is prescribing the use of renewable sources of energy, long before we arrived at this dire situation. He emphasizes the renewal of agricultural methods. Long before we had the faintest idea of how the cultivated grounds would be like, with its disastrous mono cultures..He predicted both world wars."We see a palpable smoke" (in the future),"see the banks of Rhine covered with blood, and it (Germany) will have yet another turn". Bahaullahs Words. The other side of the concept world is "World order" with its nations. We can now see that the worlds nations is but one country,well connected in many ways,(by the help of the internet for example)... one homeland and we see the end of the forming of nations. Now the world is just one unit, one international family, the different countries its family members, wholly or becoming more and more interdependent. OK? The need of cooperation over the national borders is becoming more evident with every passing day. The upcoming of disorders of one thing after the other are the agencies of this process. We are simply forced to hold each other hands, due to international disasters. Peace is inevitable. Thus Bahaullah has proclaimed in mighty appeals to the Kings and Leaders of the World."Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens" and given His World Order, with laws and prescriptions for all mankind in His Teachings. He has revealed hundreds of volumes for the guidance of the individual as well as for the collective family of men. Leo Tolstoy has said. "We try to solve the mysteries of the universe, but there was a prisoner in Akka (Acre, Israel) who had the key" Who among you guests would like to know more about the Revelation of Bahaullah. See the site about it WWW.BAHAI.ORG. Also for US residents The Internet. That is one way how He, the Returned Spirit of God which inspired Jesus,potentially can be seen all over the world at the same time. But in all countries there are Bahais, who consider themselves as informers, giving information about this Message of the Ages. We have no priests, no "preachers boards", Mankind must be taught to read and understand all by themselves, follow the prescriptions and recite the divine words exactly to the listener. Without further interpretation since the revealed Word is set forth in a clear and precise language. And now: WHO among you readers would ask me a single question or look up the Bible for this, to find out anew, about this spiritual Riddle, sealed and then unsealed. Jesus the Christ has mentioned His, the Holy Spirits, Return about 250 times. Did you know that? How come, the Christians have left the issue today???. Is that perhaps another sign of His definite Coming. Is this the "falling off" talked about in a warning tone in the gospel?. I'll answer questions if you, guest and reader of this message, is intrigued. I will present passages from the Bible as proofs.I have a book," Thief in the Night" by William Sears,filled with all the hows and dates concerning this most exiting divine Message. But it is a question for a longing heart too. I am aware of that. There, in our hearts God reveals Himself in Spirit. So always listen in spirit, with an open mind and heart. The best thing is longing for God.Turn to Him and He will make you understand. You need no one to teach you how the spirit is enlightened. You must have your own independent approach to these news by Bahaullah. Read His books and script and while turning to God your soul is quickened by Gods Spirit. This is called independent search for truth.Foremost among the principles of Bahai "What has God wrought" were the first words sent via the Morses apparatus , in 1844. Are you wondering? I hope you are, dear reader.Here again I will give you a link to some films about the Bahai Faith, showing (film 2 -4) )how it all started in 1844 in old Persia: Write to me, I'll wellcome all guests,even if you do not agree with me. Just tell me why you do not agree or why you are intrigued if you feel like it. Bye for now Laila Falck
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Joelees Wholesale - (5/16/2008 11:45:18 AM) : Hi Laila,
Welcome to Adland Family Of Friends,Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored to be a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Laila Falck - (5/16/2008 11:45:18 AM) : Hello
Nice to meet you.
What a lot of interests you have! And how did you shrink the kids? That was very funny. I tried to ask in the comment field." How did you feel," but it didn't get through.
Thank you very much for rating me that High.
Very kind of you.
I herewith invite you to read my forum Bahai Faith ...Gods Word for our Age. That is interesting for anyone who is concerned about the fate of mankind and... .there are Good News indeed from Heaven!
Otherwise I am not a clever business woman.
Tim Southernwood - (12/21/2006 2:35:41 PM) : Hi everyone!
Laila's such a great and spiritual lady, and her garden art is something else!
I'm pleased to call her my friend, and look forward to many more years of association with her.
Go look at her art!
Laila Falck - (12/21/2006 2:35:41 PM) : Hello Tim
Thanks very much for your kind and encouraging words to the community. I was noticed about it! That was indeed a surprise. You are a good friend. And it is fashinating that somebody on the other side of the globe is speaking kindly of me. and my art. The net has really showed how the world is coming to your door.
Since you are a thoughtful person I wish to share something with you.I hope you have time to read it. Something that has given me a new wonderful feeling starting with a refreshing insight: We are all africans.!!!Wow!
I have got an interesting piece of work for another nearby museum.: To shape some figures showing early humans,or humanoids ending with modern man,(popularly called the Cro Magnon man) thereby using fossilised African sculls and in some cases parts of sceletons and pictures of reconstructions. You must have heared about Lucy, found by Donald Johansson.(Almost Swedish) Lucy is classified as an "afarine". Many more early hominides have been found, during the last 30 years. Reading about them I was taught that modern man was fully developed about 195 000 years ago, in Africa!I didn't know. I learned long time ago about Cro Magnon men who painted animals and shamans in grottos in France and Spain. And stopped there. But now-
This has touched me deeply and given me a new and fuller sense of "belonging", a feeling of unifying, with all mankind,and especially Africans! Really these discoveries fills my mind all the 27 hrs. I am going to use this in my art somehow. - This comes on top of the Bahai Faiths assuring statement: Man has always been man, but has not always looked like a man.". And, "Mankind is but one family", "the fruits of one tree" "the leaves of one branch". With Bahai, religion is indeed not oldfashioned and sagalike any more.It corresponds to modern thinking. Lucy has a very human body, but her face is rather apelike. Lately I read that she also had rudimentary language. Because she could stand upright. All depends on that.

This will help science and religion unite in harmony. This unification is important. Don't you think?It will be like a sound wind going round the world,sweeping away the animosity between the two.
I would appreciate your opinion.and your thoughts. Those above are mine.
This was again a long letter, but I assure you, I cannot help it.I must tell somebody.
Bye for today
and thanks again for being my friend over there.
Merry Christmas and a happy new and prosperous Year
in a snowless Sweden


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