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Re: Why did ExxonMobil's CEO go on The Today Show this morning?
5/16/2008 11:40:47 PM
Hello Sara,

You bring up the 'horse and buggy' theory but, we, Americans have the choice to change our habits (some bad ones, mind you) such as stop driving around solo and wasting all that passenger space in our vehicles, get rid of gas guzzling SUV's and buy something more economical, buy scooters that get 100 mpg for those solo trips and many more ideas we can implement.

We have hybrids now on the market and cars that now fully run on electric. People need to walk more and quit whining about their aches and pains. We have become a very spoiled nation, a lazy nation. We want it all and will whine when we don't get our way.

This isn't directed to you, Sara. I just got on my teacher's box again and ... well, you see how I feel.

Best to you and thanks for posting.


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