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Marisol Sosa

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5/4/2008 9:40:51 AM
Laila Falck

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5/13/2008 12:09:07 PM
    Hello Marisol

Thank you for writing at my forum. You are a dedicated follower of Jesus the Christ. This is all good.
For the  sake of His Truth thousands upon thousands of dedicated followers have given their lives and taken their cross upon them with love and joy in their hearts, andwith time, changed the world. For the true follower of Jesus loves to receive the opportunity to suffer for His sake and for the sake of His followers.
 I can congratulate you for trying to carry His Message also to me. I already rever Christ,though, being, or from the very start upon becoming a Bahai. We are truly warm Christians at heart. Jesus knows us, Bahais, very well in our innermost does He know us. And in dreams He visits us.                                      That is the main thing, how the heart is  alive, not rituals and dogmas which an almighty priesthood in historic times have designed,. The sheep can recognize its true herdsmans Voice. So the Bible says. Whenever it is suitable I visit the church, for meditating thinking or praying, but I need no priest to interpret anything for me. The Word of God given through His Son Jesus I recognize and take to my heart, for I am not illiterate and my heart has been opened for Him all since nearly forty years. This was an extra illumination on top of finding Gods Light through the Glory of God , Bahaullah, the founder of the Bahai World Faith.
As a Bahai I am a follower of a spiritual movement that also has met the same opposition as the Christ did. Or rather much worse opposition and hatred. It is too radical for the priests of the degenerated Islam. Thousands have died and are at this time dying, often in prison, shot or hanghed, tortured , cast into prison or banned in various ways for carrying the Message of Bahaullah into the world. 
Too radical. What do I mean? For example; the clear pronouncemnet of equality between men and women , being a divine prescription.  The abolition of the priestly profession,, for "the priests have misused it "(Bahaullah)
"The opposition" is the fanatic mullas and ayatollahs of Iran, who even by their own hands have killed Bahais or Babis, .I have written about the heroism of both Bahais and Babis. The Truth is indeed costly, it does cost blood. But the Bahais are longing to show, even with their life blood the Truth that Bahaullah gave to the world. First in 1844 with the arrival of Bab , then in 1863 wwith the arrival of Bahaullah.
I am a follower of the truth, meaning: I would never follow any kind of easily digested worldly movement, or supposedly spiritual one and in what ever I have done , small or big,I always came down to question my conscience, wishing to be  fully honest, trying to find a meaning with everything. Even my art must absolutely MEAN someting. I do not play thoughtlessly with anything, be it colours, clay or divine philosophy.  You want the solid Eternal Spiritual movement, and not the whims and fancies of the present day world, nor the world that was.. I do too. I have been helped  to see much deeper and further, after having felt the deepest anguish and worries regarding the fate of todays generation. Now I am absolutely confidant about a good end for mankind. But first mankind will go through  more cleansing and retributional ordeals designed by God, we believe.. The one who best can "handle the Truth is God" and His Messengers. We can only try, prayerfully asking for guidance, to follow their Divine prescriptions with  gladness and thankfulness for having been able to feel the breath of the Holy Spirit and to bring their blessed Messages to peoples hearts. Hopefully they will be receptive, otherwise we should leave them to Gods care and move on, praying for them.

Please continue to do your work for Jesus, Marisol.
You can write to me again here, if you wish.
You are very welcome.
Kind regards from Laila

"Earth is but one country and mankind it's citizens" "The source of arts and crafts is the power of reflection" Bahá'u'lláh.1817-1892 Founder of the Bahái'Faith

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