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8/19/2005 3:00:17 AM
Thanks Kathy, Bring a dad is a true blessing but a great responcibilty. I know some dad's leaves the the spiritural side of live to mom when it come to training up a child in the way they should go. I say here and I will say it clear " That is Bull". Dads that is out job , given us and ordained by God himself. It is our job to be the Preist of the Home. In Fact I have written a ebook on the subject and will be glad to give a copy any dad out there that would want a copy. My little girl like most children tell their dad, she tells me I am the best dad in the world. She thinks higher of me than I do myself. But I tell her I have a great Father as an example. His name is God and he shows me what to say and what to do to be a good dad to her. I pray to God that more dads will stand up and be the head of their family the way God entended them to be. That not ruling with a iron fist. That leading in wisdom, gentelness, kindnes and love. If any dad or mom wants a copy of "Preisthood of the Home" they can email me at It will help men become the Priest of their home if they apply it to their lives. You see when God gave me the information and understanding for the book it was before I was married. Jane and I have been married 13 years now, We have been homeless three times out on the misssion field. But we are still together and our daughter has a solid foundation on what marrage is about as God put it together. I thank God he showed me my wife is not just my wife, she is my sister in the Lord. Meaning because she is saved and Jesus lives in her heart. when I may get upset with her I would choose my words very carefully. Becuse I did not want to speak harshly to the Jesus in her. It was better for me to forgive her of any wrong she may had do to upset me. Guess what? She soon picked up on my actions and started forgiving me when I did something worng. Being a Dad is awesome in deed, but our actions speak louder than our words. Our children is watching and listening to every thing we do and say. We are their teacher and mentor. Try sitting down and reading the word with them as pray God will help you to raise them in the fear of the Lord. Thanks Kathy, you know better that as a preacher here. They tend to preach. LOL God Bless you Yada
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8/19/2005 3:25:40 AM
Hello to all my friends who are Daddys. Thank you so much for sharing in these testimonials with each other.Im shedding tears reading all of your wonderful stories, The only thing I remember of my Daddy is when I was small he use to love combing my hair and he use to tell me funny stories. I really miss and love my Daddy.Thank you everyone for being in my life.You men are incredible people and very special to me.I can see you are very proud of your children,Please make sure you tell your little darlings how much you love them and how very proud of themyou are. you see my daddy can not tell me this.So please always tell your children.Thanks, kathy martin
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8/19/2005 6:06:06 AM
Hi Kathy, I dont know about being a Dad but I love mine and my kids love theirs. Thanks for the invite Kathy very nice forum. Leanne Busby
8/19/2005 7:40:19 AM
Thanks Kathy
8/19/2005 8:29:15 AM
Hi Kathy, Thank you for the tribute to us Dads and to our Dads! Take care, my friend!
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