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Re: Something to Share
5/3/2008 1:15:56 PM

Hello Michael:

I have today only recently found you and your poety. From a kindred spirit who is also a poet herself.

I so loved this poem and the others that I have read. I also understand from helping others with health challenges (family person) and others with permanent disabilities (a close friend) what this world you speak of in your poetry is like.

My Father was a Chef for the majority of his life. He went over to catering and baking later on.

It requires so much courage, perserverance and strength to manage a major illness. I knew a young girl diagnosed with MS in her 17th yr (just finishing High School). She told me she went over to Zambia (Africa) and the whole time there it was in remission.

I have had my share of personal challenges etc in my life and find when I reach out to help others, it takes me away from my own issues even just for a short time.

Writing and even teaching are ways we can share our life experiences and challenges.

I wish you well.









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