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Douglas Grounds

Douglas Grounds
BirthdayWednesday, February 25, 1953
Member SinceSunday, September 04, 2005
Last ActivityTuesday, December 19, 2006
LocationHooker, Oklahoma, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
I HAVE STARTED TO TAKE MY HEALTH SERIOUSLY SO I STARTED TAKING THE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS, AND NOW I AM MARKETING THEM TO HELP THE BABY BOOMERS EARN EXTRA INCOME AND BE HEALTHIER FOR TAKING THE PRODUCT LIKE I DID. I am a firm believer in the bible and reading it every day and I am an active member in the Church of Christ. I like making new friends, and playing golf and traveling.
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Richard Eilert - (5/10/2006 2:42:33 PM) : You seems to be a very nice looking man, I live in southern california(San Diego) do you visit these parts? often? communicate. Take care, Richard
James Lang - (3/21/2006 3:50:40 PM) : you need to downsize your photo
where is Hooker i went to navy school in Norman liberty at the travelers hotel
Oklahoma city 3.2 beer sailors were persona nongrata in Norman use to get the key to the city at front desk. call a number on it
and get some Offbrand Whisky delivered LOL
Paul Falardeau - (12/1/2005 1:38:56 PM) : Douglas,

It's great to have you on my friend list.
Here's to your success,

Paul Falardeau

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Dr David King - (11/18/2005 9:54:49 AM) : Hello Douglas

I wanted to take time to stop by and show how much I think of you I only found one problem. I was going to rate you 100% and the highest was only 10 so ten times that is about right.

I lived in Oklahoma for 25 years prior to transferring to North Carolina in 2001 with a corporation. OKC was my home for much of that however I have been to Hooker a few times.
I was a contract mail carrier back then going from OKC to Clinton which was the Hub for your mail, then on to Amarillo.
I used to also Auctioneer all over Oklahoma and had television auctions.

Take Care Friend
Warmest Regards
Dr King
Douglas Grounds - (11/18/2005 9:54:49 AM) : Hello Dr. King thank you for the good compliment, I was going to ask how is it coming along on the website, I know you were wanting each person participating to contribute something, I think a very important thing is advertising in such a way to capture the attention, telling a short discriptive something about the product you are trying to sell, and not get to long in depth as to bore the customer, thanks again, when are you and Bogdan ready for us to go to work? God Bless. Douglas Grounds


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