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Donnie Graham

Donnie Graham
BirthdayFriday, November 04, 1949
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About Me
Used to be a bricklayer, until arthritis set in a few years ago. I started writing, mainly educational/fun books in Scottish Gaelic. I also do English-Gaelic translation. Doesn't pay much, but it helps others. I've changed tack at the moment--I'm writing (trying to!) a book in English. I've also got a blog intended to help arthritis sufferers find methods of pain relief.
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Georgios Paraskevopoulos - (4/28/2007 4:34:53 AM) : Hello Donnie,

You are a very special person. Your comments are always adding information at our threads and you opinion is unvaluable. You are a person of intellect and good spirit. I am very glad hearing you are writing books in the dialectic Gaelic language. Old tales and legends in ordianary and origin languages give us more understanding on how people lived and owe our ancestors the hnour for their contibution to all good they left behind, the ancient heritage.

I am honoured being your friend and I would like to know you closer.

Cordial Regards
Donnie Graham - (4/28/2007 4:34:53 AM) : Thanks, Georgios

The last time I got 10 ot of 10 was for managing to fail something! I really started writing by accident. I was a bricklayer, but decided in 1985 to take 2 years off, and go to a college to do Business and Scottish Highland Studies. It was all done through the medium of Gaelic, which I hadn't written since I'd been in school 20 years earlier. The writer-in-residence there, Tormod C. Domhnallach, was a respected author and playwright in both English and Gaelic. He happened to see a couple of essays that I'd written for exams, and urged me to seriously think about taking up writing. I returned to being a self-employed brickie, though--at least I was assured of a wage!

A few years later, however, rheumatoid arthritis set in, and I had to give up the trowel. I was asked by the Community Association here to compile a Roll of Honour book for the local district (2nd World War). It took quite a while, trying to find photos and information on where everyone had served, but I enjoyed it. I then wrote the first ever Gaelic joke book, which sold well in Australia, New Zealand and Canada--those countries having thousands of descendants of people who had been forced to emigrate from the Scottish Highlands and Islands by unscrupulous landlords who wanted the land for sheep and for sporting estates. I then wrote a book of crosswords and puzzles etc. aimed at learners, and at the moment I have a book of Gaelic idioms at the publisher's. I'm now scribbling my first English book, along with writing the odd bedtime story for my granddaughter--she loves them, but doesn't realise the time involved!

Regards for now


PS--I've had personal ghostly experiences, both in my home island, and while I was at college. I wrote about one of them, and it was published in a Gaelic magazine, but that's another story, as they say!


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