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Janise Collins

Janise Collins
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About Me

I love animals (especially cats and dogs).

I own a gold fish -  and love flowers

espcially red roses.

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Ambassador John Sanchez - (2/8/2007 6:25:46 AM) : Hi Janise!

You rated me a 10 some time ago and I wanted to return the kind gesture. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Take care my friend!

Robert Spencer - (2/11/2006 7:19:13 PM) : Hi and welcome very cool site take care. Robert.
Janise Collins - (2/11/2006 7:19:13 PM) : Robert,

Thank you so much for your compliment!
I truly appreicate it .... your a dear friend.
La Nell ! - (12/20/2005 7:00:43 PM) : Janise is a favorite friend in the community. Her web site looks very professional. LaNell
Janise Collins - (12/20/2005 7:00:43 PM) : LaNell,

Thank you so very much.
I am so glad your my friend.
I value your opinion and your honest and
straight forward approach to life.
Paul Falardeau - (12/12/2005 9:54:01 AM) : It's great to have you on my friend list.
Here's to your success,

Paul Falardeau

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Janise Collins - (12/12/2005 9:54:01 AM) : Paul,

Thank you so much for your kindness.

I am so glad we have become friends.
Here is to much success today and everyday this coming year 2006'
Colleen Maul - (11/13/2005 1:14:12 AM) : nice hair i like the look
Janise Collins - (11/13/2005 1:14:12 AM) : Colleen,

Thank you so much for your compliment.
I have just cut it and created a little different look.

Please send me a picture and let me know what you look like - its always interesting to see folks especially sense the communication is usually written.

Have a blessed and successful day!

Your friend,
Classic Corners
Dave Cottrell - (11/8/2005 7:56:21 PM) : Janise has a gift for being a big encouragement. Thank you for being a true friend, Janice!

God bless,



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