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Monika Woods

Monika Woods
Member SinceSunday, April 03, 2005
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LocationMartin, Georgia, United States United States
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About Me

I help people earn money.

My mission is to teach people how to experience true joy and peace.

I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and going to the beach. Knowing the Truth is the core of success in my life.

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Danny Kuhlmann - (10/3/2013 4:10:02 PM) : hi, if you need leads to promote your business:
Christel E. Agnes - (7/27/2010 1:23:16 PM) : Hello Monika-I wanted to stop by to say hello-Chris
Joelees Wholesale - (8/20/2007 10:07:51 PM) : Hi Monika,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Monika Woods - (8/20/2007 10:07:51 PM) : Thanks for the rating!
My best to you as well!

God bless,
Monika Woods
Karen Carcel - (9/6/2006 1:56:05 PM) : savesu

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Have a nice day

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Monika Woods - (9/6/2006 1:56:05 PM) : Thanks for the rating
I don't subscribe to the thinking of the

Best wishes to you,
Monika Woods
Paul Falardeau - (12/14/2005 8:25:39 PM) : It's great to have you on my friend list.
Here's to your success,

Paul Falardeau

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Marion Tucker - (10/5/2005 10:36:01 PM) : Hi Monika,

Our God is an Awesome God! I am honored to have you as a friend. What a lovely picture you have in here. I see you love nature as well.

I wish you all the best always!

God Bless!
Monika Woods - (10/5/2005 10:36:01 PM) : Yes He is an Awesome God!
I am doing a Beth Moore bible study - I usually shy away from things like this, but this one is great - It is called believing God.
Yes - I enjoy nature very much. Thanks for the rating - best to you too!

Magdalena Gjesvold - (9/14/2005 8:10:17 PM) : God, Bless you and your family !


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