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Marsha Mckinney

Marsha Mckinney
BirthdayFriday, November 19, 1954
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LocationBuchanan Dam, Texas, United States United States
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About Me

I am 51 years young, married to a retired Vet, very happily married, empty nester of two girls, and one son! 


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David Ellison - (12/21/2005 4:41:47 PM) : Hi Marsha :-) i rate you 10+ not only for your site but for being a great person
Marsha Mckinney - (12/21/2005 4:41:47 PM) : AWW David! What a sweet gentle man you are! Thank you sweetie! I am so proud to have you as MY friend! God bless you, everyday! With love and respect, Marsha
Paul Falardeau - (11/28/2005 11:43:58 PM) : It's great to have you on my friend list. Here's to your success.
Marsha Mckinney - (11/28/2005 11:43:58 PM) : Thank you so much dear friend! You are very sweet. And I pray for continued success to you and yours, always! God bless. Marsha Mckinney, FGG Dream Team-Texas
Lloyd Lockett - (11/21/2005 8:42:51 AM) : Help us grow, tell the ones you love.

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Marsha Mckinney - (11/21/2005 8:42:51 AM) : Thank you so much Lloyd for the rateing, and also for sharing this wonderful message. Please view my forum on "Spreading the Word", and help me to help others! God's blessings to you and yours, always. Marsha Mckinney.
Bill Sullivan - (11/13/2005 2:50:17 PM) : Thanks for visiting my site Marsha!

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Marsha Mckinney - (11/13/2005 2:50:17 PM) : Thank you so much Bill for the rateing, and for your information! I pray for you continued blessings for health and wealth in all aspects to come into your live, always! Thank you again! God Bless. Marsha Mckinney, FGG Dream Team-Texas
Susan Freeman - (11/12/2005 10:20:06 AM) : Hello !

I gave you a ten rating - because you deserve it - for all that you do for others.
Have an Awesome Day !!
Marsha Mckinney - (11/12/2005 10:20:06 AM) : My goodness! My loving cup is running over!
Thank you so much. God blesses myself and family, so I try hard to pass the blessings on. I send YOU blessings and prayer everyday! Thank you again! Marsha McKinney, FGG Dream Team-Texas


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