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Roy Fielding

Roy Fielding
BirthdayWednesday, January 04, 1956
Member SinceTuesday, September 11, 2001
Last ActivityMonday, June 29, 2009
LocationTyngsboro, Massachusetts, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

Hello My Name Is Roy Fielding,


I love to mentor and help people

find their way to success online:

Is one of my mentoring membersites.


And another of my sites is

I have lots of websites maybe you
would say to many for some folks : )


But I love doing it, and most of all helping
others get where they want to go too.


Please email me with any questions or help
you may need.



Roy Fielding




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Paul Falardeau - (12/1/2005 9:49:15 AM) : It's great to have you on my friend list. Here's to your success.
Jaime Gehly - (9/14/2005 3:33:17 PM) : Mr. Fielding appeared out of the blue and helped save my eBay seller's account from a very costly scandal. This guy deserves a medal!

Thanks again!
Ana Maria Padurean - (8/17/2005 12:17:57 PM) : For me Roy is of 10; nice guy, very "online pro", great site, and thoughtful for the community. Thank you for being my friend,
Nan Herring - (8/15/2005 10:33:20 PM) : nice page.
Monika Woods - (8/15/2005 10:00:53 PM) : always an encouragement. Appreciate it.
Sweetgrame :-) - (7/16/2005 11:53:54 PM) : Hi you Handsome Guy with the Glasses on the top of you head.

Your website is very interesting, & I'll probably join for your newsletter. Maybe I still can learn more in this old brain of mine. :-)

From you New Friend,
Sweetgrame (Roz)
Roy Fielding - (7/16/2005 11:53:54 PM) : Thanks Roz,

Your to sweet : )

Did you receive my other email?

was saying the server was busy.
about the North end and the park they are building now.

Thanks Nice site but we can help
if you need it,

Your new friend,
Roy Fielding
Roy Fielding - (7/16/2005 2:06:45 AM) : Thank You PF,

Your a great asset to the community.

Roy Fielding
Lisa Lomas - (7/5/2005 11:54:08 PM) : Hello Roy,

My rating is for the fact of how you contribute here at adlandpro and I trust all the information you have given. I really respect what you have to say and value your contribution to Adland community.

Thank you

Kindest Regards
lisa lomas
Roy Fielding - (7/5/2005 11:54:08 PM) : Lisa your so kind,

And i hope i can continue to bring you
quality marketing tools.

Your friend,
Roy Fielding


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