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Stephanie Brail

Stephanie Brail
BirthdayTuesday, March 31, 1970
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About Me
I am a life coach, hypnotherapist, and energy healer. With these three modalities I am able to help my clients make dramatic shifts in their lives. Life coaching works on the conscious mind; hypnosis works on the subconcious mind; and energy healing works on the emotions and energy system to bring lasting positive changes. I work via the telephone with clients around the world. Please contact me for a complimentary telephone consultation where we can discuss your concerns and how I might be able to help you.
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James Wright - (10/20/2005 1:46:04 PM) : Hey Stephanie,
What can you tell me about a Naturpath? Jim
Stefan Dessalines - (10/13/2005 9:40:35 AM) : I've known Stephanie for several years now. She is one of my good friends and always goes out of her way to help others. It's a great thing having her join adland.



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