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Florence Baribeau - (3/14/2011 8:30:02 AM) : Hi James your a real gentleman! Thank you for the high rating my friend and to the nice comment you posted. Your a fine friend to have and are happy to have run into you. I wish you the best in everything you do! I'll meet you again in your forum or even better yet in mine. Take care and thanks again! Warm Regards
Beth Schmillen - (3/19/2010 12:21:36 PM) : Hi James, I'm actually running the autosurf exchange right now and getting familiar (all over again) with the new improved adland... Hope to see you here also! smiles, Beth autosurf at Max's
James Max - (7/23/2006 7:36:45 PM) : Hi Carla,


I did not know your were British.

Your're The Great Greatest!

You Are So kind,

Marion Tucker - (7/16/2006 11:24:55 PM) : Hello James,

Thanks for the rating and compliments. I am not here every day now, but check in periodically. I'm here if you need me though.

Thanks for being my friend as well and may the Lord bless you abundantly!

Marion :-)
James Max - (7/16/2006 11:24:55 PM) : YOU'RE SO WELCOME!!

Thanks for being a friend,

Jennifer Maxwell - (7/16/2006 3:33:10 PM) : Hi James,

And I named my son after you, so are you sure we're not related?

Bless you, you're a 10 too
James Max - (7/16/2006 3:33:10 PM) : There say there are only 6 degress of separation among people. How knows, My Friend.

To Good To Have To As A Friend,

With Love From Vegas
Stevelyn Scharmayne - (7/15/2006 11:04:51 AM) : The master has arrived.............

Stevelyn Scharmayne ., Dallas
James Max - (7/15/2006 11:04:51 AM) : Hey Diva Stevelyn,

Thanks a bunch for thinking of me and giving me a great rating.

But, you must tell me more about that Master who has arrieved someday. Don't keep it a secret.

John Rivera - (6/30/2006 9:30:09 PM) : Jimmy, THE time you spend on our Infamous Adland Pro is well spent by giving credible advice and spreading Friendship to all. May God bless you and your family.


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