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Tom Sparrow
BirthdayFriday, August 21, 1953
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About Me
QUALITY FAMILY TIME is my highest priority! My second priority is giving people an opportunity to be successful in a home based business! I have worked full time from home since 1990! I have a BS in Education Teaching Degree from Central Michigan University (1976). I was also very involved in school activities including teaching swimming (Water Safety Instructor), overseeing pool operations, and training lifeguards too. I coached girls soccer U10 and U11 for a few years.

Then as my 2 daughters progressed into high school soccer, I became the Booster Club President for fund raising for the team. Family: I am very proud of my daughter’s accomplishments, not only in getting good grades, but their athletic ability too! Both grew up with soccer since they were 6 years old and played on premier teams as well as 4 years varsity in high school! My younger daughter was the goalie the entire time in school. Ski Team: Both daughters were on the high school ski team and were 2 of only 4 girls in the history of the school to go to State Finals in MI.! My older daughter is graduated from MSU 12/08 in nursing! My young one is in her 4th year at GVSU and plays Rugby for them and is a true asset to the team!

Business: Most MLM (Network Marketing) veterans know today that many people are failing in their home based business (over 97%) due to many factors and my goal is to rescue these people before they quit! What we need today are programs that not only reward people quickly, but that are easy to duplicate too! LOW monthly auto ships, Matrix Compensation Plans, Timing, Companies that truly care about long term customer retention, Value priced products, Training, Built in systems, and a Long Term Vision are the keys today for SUCCESS! Why People Are Failing In MLM: The major problem today all starts with greedy companies who have a short term outlook on “Money Only” for them and not for their distributors! People can NOT afford to stay on higher auto ships nor can they duplicate that long term!

ANY Compensation Plan other than a Matrix has too many HOOPS to jump through to get a check! But, due to the fact the big guys can make more money in these high priced auto ship programs Short Term, they bring in as many people as they can to make money now rather than long term! Brainwashing and Blinders On: This is the real shame out there today and I see it daily! If we let upline recruiters program us to not think for ourselves, but to blindly follow them no matter what they recommend (like a cult), we lose big time!

I have always kept informed about the BEST programs for people’s success today! The ONLY way to be successful today is to keep an open mind, compare programs and do what is BEST for your contacts / customers you have! It never ceases to amaze me how many people jump from deal to deal looking for a pot of fast gold in the rainbow!

NEW VISION NEEDED: If people are going to make it today, we first need to look at the Value Of The Products we will be promoting instead of A Money Focus Only! We MUST save people money over store bought products and have products that truly impact their lives more! If we don’t change our focus, MLM will simply be a plaque in a museum of something that people used to do!

The biggest problem today is way over priced products that people can neither afford to stay on, nor can they duplicate it! Think about this: If you would not tell your family and close friends about a product or products you may promote, then don’t do that program! Look for a program you can be proud to tell them about! Open Minded = SUCCESS

I am so thankful for my contacts I have made in the industry since 1990 to keep me informed of great business opportunities to research and promote. I continue to learn about how the internet works and utilize the tools there to help build my business. I now only need motivated people who want more out of life to work with and help them achieve success to complete the equation.

My success comes from your success! Don't give up on MLM even though you may have failed! Why? Most people that have known me over the years, know that my primary goal is THEIR success rather than my own! My success will come if I help enough people become successful! After 18 years full time in MLM (Network Marketing), I have learned so much and want to share this information especially with those who are new to this!

If you don't mind, I would like to share my reasons why most people fail in MLM! And I would like to share why I could never work a regular job again! Why should you choose MLM over a JOB?

JOB (Just Over Broke):

1] You have very little time freedom to enjoy your family life!

2] You are on a schedule and can not deviate from it or get penalized!

3] Most people I talk to hate their bosses and do not enjoy their jobs!

4] You are trading time for money and can almost never retire!

5] You stop working, your money stops coming in!

6] Most people are simply living from paycheck to paycheck with more month left than money to spend!

7] Many people never make it to retirement due to health issues and having to work past age 65!

Now, let’s look at Network Marketing! I know many of you who may have had some bad experiences in Network Marketing and now is the time to truly have success with programs that are easy to duplicate! The longer you wait to move, the sooner you will decide to quit MLM altogether! Are YOU ready for SUCCESS now?

MLM or Network Marketing (Ongoing Building Residual Income): What are the variables for success today?

1] Product Value First-A company that has superior products that SAVE people money over store bought products & eliminate toxic chemicals

2] Compensation Plans (IE-Matrix Plan) that allow all distributors to make money with NO HOOPS to jump through to get a check! Also, a LOW monthly auto ship requirement, so that people can afford to buy every month a) Binary Plans-You always have to worry about balancing legs out or you lose money! The ONLY ones that can make this plan work are big players!!! b) Breakaway Comp Plans-Cost you a lot of money when people break out into higher positions due to volume requirements! c) Unilevel Comp Plans-Allows the big distributors to reward themselves by placing people anywhere! d) 1 UP, 2 UP, etc..Simply makes your upline sponsors rich while you do all the work! e) HYBRID PLANS-Simply a fancy name for combination plans that are harder to explain than to understand!

3] Companies that have true residual income promote "consumable products" that are used everyday, not just once in a while! Various companies that have little or NO residual income have NO consumable products or a product that might be used now and then, but not continuously like: Travel, Affiliate Types, Fast Money Programs that never last (money games or pyramid schemes), mentoring programs that are usually overpriced for what you get and normally a high one time fee, and several others!

4] Just remember that you DO have to work to build your residual income, but the real KEYS are "Customer Retention" (how many people stay on your products) and "Ease Of Duplication" (can anyone share your products easily)! The AVERAGE Retention in almost all companies is less than 35%! Suppose you found companies who have over 95% Retention? Imagine that!

5] People or companies that promise you don't have to do any work and they will build your downline for you! This is one of the biggest jokes in the industry! I have NEVER seen one of these pan out for any length of time nor produce results! Look for one that pays you for everyone that comes in below you (Matrix Comp Plan). There are so few companies where an owner(s) truly cares about everyone's success and is willing to make much less per product so it will grow at a phenomenal rate! Why I chose Health & Nutrition over all else: This happens to be the # 1 thing that ALL Baby Boomers want is Health besides money! This is a TRUE Residual Income since people purchase products every month, not just once in a while! Now all you need to do is select the BEST products that are value priced where you have NO competition, an awesome Comp Plan and Timing!

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Agnes Kivuvani - (10/12/2010 12:21:35 PM) : Tom, I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to wish you a nice day. Agnes.
Phillip Black - (8/15/2010 3:24:18 PM) : Hi Tom. Understand that you are celebrating a Birthday this week. Just wanted to stop by to Wish You the Happiest Of Birthdays as well as a Wonderful Week. As Always, Thanks for being my Friend here at Adland. Phil
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