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As the JJF “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” owner and of  listing other Web Sites that I Manage herein, please allow me to introduce myself. The photo  (available soon) above truly is the best that was ever taken of me. Of course, I am much older now, in my 50’s! I offer these Websites as a result of mostly everything I consider of being at my buttery taste. Indeed, it is amazing how much can, and does exist nicely around and about the word butter.  The full view picture of the one mentioned above shows me holding a round ball and to my taste, a butterfly poses upon the worldly ball.


I loved the (round) hula-hoop and at one time I displayed it’s glory, slick as butter!  From sixth grade to date I played the clarinet and won Colorado State Solo second place two years in a row plus, my high school band cut a record recording second place three years in a row Battle of The Bands.  I enjoyed being Head Baton Majorette at the football games marches and of course, with having played clarinet in all my school bands prior graduation.  I was a Girl Scout, Pioneer Girl and elementary school Safety Patrol Officer.  I enjoy my wonderful family first; helping the elderly, doing highly challenging puzzles, Pastel Charcoal Art, Embroidery, raising healthy Tropical pet Fish, assisting with Tattoo Art prints/designs, playing Harmonica, Organ, Harp, writing and recording music, ceramic molds, and the internet fields so very about my management abilities of educational and marketing endeavors.  I  am currently a Xziex Independent Business Consultant  Owner, Atmospheric Water Generators Xziex  [ ] and I simply LOVE the help that it offers all people.


My first employment was of nearly 4 years serving as a lab-aide at a hospital. I collected blood samples and got them ready for Lab-tests. I did EKG’s, gastric tests, and various chores within the out-patient department. I did stats (emergency blood draws) and assisted in the pediatrics (babies) department. I also, took care of illegitimate babies one year via a High school sponsored DECCA program and I helped in the administration building by taking care of movie (maintenance) splicing, filings and conducted classroom instructional movie shows. I spent 3 years as the plant managers’ secretary at Scott’s Liquid Gold, 7+ years at Hewlett Packard as a documentation(s) clerk creating instruction procedures by photographs, plotters, blueprints and creative write ups per department throughout and, mostly about printed circuit board assemblage Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley were trained in by me of how to accomplish same.  I was invited to do same for the Spokan Washington which raising children as a single parent 12 years did not warrant of the major move.   I was a Junior Achievement Advisor who sought out HP for work loads and conducted a classroom of 24 young adults of creating 2 each mini-manufacturing business(s) with a $16-17,000.00, 3-month outcome per business operation.  I was a soldering class teacher of 28 adults as a Community College of Denver representative for the Valley Lab business in Boulder for 3 months and 26 out of 28 actually graduated as a result of my teaching ability. For nearly three years I was an assisted livings care giver, med’s certified. I also, worked for the Craftmatic Adjustable Beds Company for over 3 years as a sales representative, similar to the health care field. I modeled Country Western Clothing via Trail Ridge and Miller Stockman for over 4 years participating in the Merchandise Mart Shows, stage modeling and a lot of photography which appeared in most all of Western Magazines plus, in company catalogues.


Now I am basically retired and putting that simply, I am buttering up things in life which matter to oneself and others. Please know that you are welcome here and if you do not enjoy every aspect about same, it will be (often rewarded, therefore actively) appreciated of comment, feedback or question by clicking on the email me link at the bottom of each relative page.

My affirmation to anyone is: Never be afraid to Butter-Up to and about things, especially concerning family and closest to close friends. Life is too, short to allow for misery.

More about me personally can be viewed if  you have MSN or hotmail and Windows Live Messenger because, asking of me to be your friend will offer me the means to accept you as my spaces friend and I will then, consider sending you an invite that offers you best permission to view much more at my family and closest plus, close friend’s site  Butter-Too Family Space [ ].  PLEASE visit it and my other Web Sites:
My Favorite is the Atmospheric Water Generator at
Make Yourself & Others Rich [  ] with  (in the development stages).
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BillieJean’s Shop Spree ,
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Laramieutter highly recommended Power of 3 [  ]
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Better than a gift $10. Per shares in stock of Buy What I Offer NEW Site at preliminary launch no less [ ]
and Celtic Tattoo & Symbol Meanings [  ] one of  60 + each my son’s Web Site.

Coming soon:,,  and  

Thank you for visiting, reading and interest in my display name profile.


Butter,  [NoCost Search for People]



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