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Michael Brock
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About Me

Welcome to My Cyber-World!

From the Desk of: Michael Brock
(a.k.a. Michael Brockefeller 1)

Hello Friend & Fellow Internet Marketing Enthusiast!

Thanks for visiting my profile at AdLandPro today! Welcome and have fun...

Now since this is an advertisement based online community, I guess I'll start out with an ad, if that's alright?! ;-) ...smiles...

The program that I'm pushing the most right now is:

 "How to get 1 Million Visitors WITHOUT Paying a Dime in Advertising!"

Click here to learn the secrets to FREE advertising that every Internet Marketing guru on the Web is despearately trying to keep secret from you and ban from the Internet once and for all! Who knows if they'll succeed or not? So grab your copy today while its ink is still hot!


And let me tell you WHY ... It's because this is quite simply the most incredible FREE "targeted" traffic generation tool I've seen on the Internet to date..! And that really is enough said!!

Short Bio:

I am 38 years young and was born and raised in Largo, Florida, USA. I stand a little over 6' 1" (i.e., barefooted; cf. easily 6' 2"+ with shoes on) with dark blond hair (but to be honest, I color it because I'm turning grey), hazel eyes and a thin, athletic build.

Aside from finding God when I was 33 years old (Huge Thanks JC!), the best thing that has ever happened to me was His gift of my two beautiful sons. They are Michael (18 years old) and Wesley (14 years old).

Other than that, I am presently divorced / single and have no current prospects in this regard. Right now I don't really do much else except sit in front of my computer and read a lot but mostly type, type, type my troubles away. Seriously! That's a main reason why I'm joining AdLandPro... More to come, I promise! ;-)

Background & Hobbies:

OK, I'll start off with my hobbies and then touch on my background and don't forget to mouseover my picture above for more about me (if you haven't done so already). I like exercising to keep fit (admittedly not as much as I should and/or used to), learning new things, writing about everything, reading a broad range of topics, building cool, interactive websites using the DHTML DOM design method (i.e., HTML, CSS and JavaScript working together to enhance visitor usability), listening to a wide variety of music (but mostly retro New Wave, e.g., The Cure, Depeche Mode, Camouflage, New Order, and many others), Web design in general and Internet marketing.

I know a lot about some stuff, because I'm a voracious reader. And I know a bit about the latter of these things mentioned above, as I've been involved in Internet marketing of one kind or another on and off for over twelve years. Admittedly more off than on, in many cases, as I made money sporadically—a lot sometimes—and spent it in the same manner (hey, I was young and immature, what can I say). But on long enough to learn most of the basics of online business practices and some advanced Web marketing techniques as well. Particularly in the way of copy writing, and copyrighting too for that matter, along with trademarking (a.k.a. "branding"), reverse psychology marketing for the masses (a.k.a. Guerilla marketing and/or stealth marketing) and niche marketing.

And now I'm grown and matured (well at least enough to be serious with it this time) and want to know even more about the "underworld" of Internet Marketing specifically (including the "free advertising" subculture, so I recently joined The Warrior Forum, ConquerYourNiche Forum and FREE IQ! You see, I've done my homework and have discovered that these are the places to be, the HOT spots, for just that purpose!

I've also been hearing a lot of good things about AdLandPro, which is why I'm joining here today (04.22.07), as an affiliate. I look forward to a great, prosperous future here and am very happy to be a member! I look forward to meeting a lot of new, interesting people here and am also interested in doing some joint ventures, so if that's you, hit me up with a message and I'll get back to you ASAP...

Latest News (Posted: 02.28.08 AD):

I don't spend much time online right now, for various reasons, but am trying to get back into it & will return to my previous Internet activities ASAP. In the meantime, check out one of my favorite profit sharing social networks: Rotatrix Friends Network.

Favorite Quote:

"...The truth will set you free." (Jesus Christ of Nazareth, John 8:32, NIV)

Well that about sums it up, so I guess I'll end here for now! Thanks again for visiting today, and I pray that God blesses you and yours in every possible way!

Yours Truly,

Michael Brock

(a.k.a. Michael Brockefeller I)
Owner, Editor in Chief, Brockefeller™ Publishing Co.
Largo, Florida 

© Copyright 2007 by Michael Brock and Brockefeller™ Publishing Co.
Brockefeller™ Publishing Company Home Office, Largo, Florida  

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Mark Stephen Hauser ( ) - (10/31/2007 3:03:47 PM) : Michael, whether at Adlandpro or elsewhere, you are the best friend and pal a guy can have. Thanks so much for your help, encouragement, and support. Stephen

Happy Halloween as I'm tying this!
Vessie Hartzog - (6/19/2007 1:22:17 AM) : Amazing and Creative "About Me"
Good Luck!!!
Your new friend at Adlandpro!!
Michael Brock - (6/19/2007 1:22:17 AM) : Hello Vessie,

Thank you very much...I really appreciate it! And I wish you the all the best my new friend!

Joelees Wholesale - (6/14/2007 4:48:04 PM) : Hi Michael,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Michael Brock - (6/14/2007 4:48:04 PM) : Hi Lee,

Man, thanks a lot for the rating / comment and the very nice message in it! I'm still kind of new to Adland Pro and this is the first I've even heard of this rating. I'm not really sure how yet, but I will reciprocate! And Godspeed to you also my new friend, in everything!


P.S. I checked out your Joelees Wholesale website and I liked it a lot. It is very well designed and easy to navigate...KUDOS on a great job!


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