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Erica Williams
BirthdayTuesday, June 11, 1985
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About Me


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Cheryl Maples - (6/11/2011 6:46:20 PM) : Happy Birthday, Erica! Enjoy your special day! Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (6/11/2010 4:05:28 AM) : Happy Birthday, Erica! Have a great day! Cheryl
Ricky Majtyka - (9/19/2007 5:16:18 PM) : HI Erica send another invite. I accidently clicked the wrong tab.
Erica Williams - (9/19/2007 5:16:18 PM) : Thanks so much for rating me:) It is nice to have you as a friend!
Dermot Glennon - (9/17/2007 1:52:05 PM) : Lovely smile.
Erica Williams - (9/17/2007 1:52:05 PM) : Thank you so much for your lovely compliment:)
James Wright - (9/12/2007 9:07:38 AM) : Erica, I wish you well with whatever it is you are promoting. You are friendly, and considerate. Furthermore, you have a pretty smile. Therefore, I'm giving you a 10!! Jim
Erica Williams - (9/12/2007 9:07:38 AM) : Thank you for the comment:) You are very SUPPORTIVE and HELPFUL.
Joelees Wholesale - (9/12/2007 8:18:42 AM) : Hi Erica,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Erica Williams - (9/12/2007 8:18:42 AM) : Thanks so much for the lovely comment:)


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