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To visit our place of worship and feel the love of an anointed family of believers,where God is the root that brings forth a mighty

(S.T.I.M.) Shiloh Temple International Ministries.

Serving God through the power of the Holy Spirit And building a community of heirs in Jesus name.

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 Praise the Lord

 Elder Lloyd and Minister Carolyn Lockett are the chief executive officers (CEO), developers and founders of multiple online companies. This outstanding anointed husband and wife team are one of Christendom's most well respected leaders in the business world as well as the church body.
Because of the Lockett’s strong passion for souls they have trusted God for the kingdom building tools provide them for the purpose of seeing God’s people grow from poverty to fulfilling destiny. The Lockett’s believe that this world is full of purposeful people that need a catalyst to promote a change that will produce the affect that is necessary to start the spark that will ignite the fire.
A world from the Elder, quote
“ It takes a free man to free a bound one. We serve a God that is infinite in power, presence and knowledge. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, he is all in all providing a holistic healing for the homosapien creation and you are His prized possessions beloved. If we trust God and push forward toward our dreams, the enemy’s hold on us will loosen and our imperfections, failures, and shortcomings will no longer be one of our options. Do this in Jesus’ name.” unquote.
The Locketts are Licensed and Ordained Ministers of (S.T.I.M) Shiloh Temple International Ministries and overseers of the marriage ministry.
The Locketts are life time students of the word of God and at this time Minister Carolyn Lockett is work towards her Masters in Biblical Studies. She holds a Bachelors in Biblical Studies.
Elder Lockett is in the process of acquiring his Doctors of Theology Degree.
At this time Elder Lockett teaches on a global level Theology, Apologetic, and History on the Apostolic Faith.
They have completed and established many other accomplishments in both ministry and business and they are passing this wealth of knowledge on to you.
Our Companies, Businesses & Ministries
1. Epoch Book Ministries
2. Apostolic Pentecostal Books & Literature
3. APBL Website Builders
4. Good Ground Website Designs
5. Make Me Over Fashions & Designs
6. The Lamb's Pages
7. VM Direct Video Streaming affiliate
8. Hello World Video Streaming
9. The Apostolic Note Radio show
10. The Good seed Program page/2013.htm
11. AASAP Stands for African-Americans for Success, Achievement and Prosperity
And other on going projects.
A closing statement from the Locketts.
We want to see you move into the position the Lord Jesus has prepared for you, designed and created for you and you alone. We can help you reach the top of that mountain and in the name of Jesus we will pull each other up one step at a time. Be blessed in Jesus name and pray for us as we pray for you.

We are distributors  of specialty books and literature on the Oneness Apostolic Faith and many other hard to find faith based literature.

A must for the fivefold ministries and any one who desires to learn in-depth, Apostolic doctrine and  Oneness history. We at Apostolic, Pentecostal Books & Literature (A.P.B.L.) feel very strongly about the Apostolic faith and we believe that every Apostolic Ministry should have the necessary literature that best  reflect the doctrine of that faith. Make your Christocentric study of the Hypostatic union, the Godhead, Modalistic Monarchianism, and the complete spectrum of the Oneness faith a meaningful and very stimulating and effective study of your faith.  Perhaps you would like to build your own personal library, bookstore, book nook, or provide a gift for the lay person in your church or clergy in your ministry. We would love for you to invite us to your special events, such as conventions, Leadership Conferences, Workshops, Camp Meetings, Council Meetings, Men &Women Conferences, Gospel Concerts, and other major events at your place of worship. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. We at (A.P.B.L.) are looking forward to building a one word ministry with you.

P.O. BOX 1683 Maple Grove MN 55311


Elders Lloyd & Carolyn Lockett


Click images to buy CD "Jesus People"

This is Minister Lockett's New CD Jesus People. This is a divine impartation of inspiration and is a plausible  exquisite work of God $12.00

If you need a book we don't have, tell us about it.


The good seed program was developed by Elder Lloyd T. Lockett, his wife and partner Minister Carolyn Lockett and a vision provided by the Holy Spirit. This dynamic servant team had a passion to reach out on a global level, to seek out spirit filled partners to network with and mature a common bond of  making accessible the means of an internet presence.

 This powerful thought provoking  idea needed a catalyst that would bring about a constant flux of perpetual change. This could only be done by the unification of like minded believers. The goal that the Locketts have in mind is, to provide an affordable website building plan integrated with merchant solutions, while at the same time seed into the body of Christ.    

 The following formats are prepared to offer you the opportunity of partnering with Elder and Minister Lockett.

Their expertise is based on Elder Lockett’s ability as a website developer and the internet companies planted by this extremely knowledgeable couple.

The Lockett's own the following internet stores:

· Epoch Book Ministries (E.B.M.)

· Apostolic Pentecostal Books & Literature (A.P.B.L.)

· A.P.B.L. Website builders

· Good Ground Website Designs

· Carolyn’s Alabaster Box

· Make Me Over Fashions & Designs

 To qualify as a good seed program partner

 · You must have one of our websites:

This site can be one we designed for you under the $800.00 plan or one you designed yourself using our basic plan of $27.00 month and a $100.00 set-up fee.

· You must be an:

 1. Active Pastor, Bishop, Elder or Leader of an ongoing ministry.

 2. Christian Business Owner under the covering of one church.

 3. Recommended by one of the above GSP partners.

Our Seed

 Partners of the good seed program will receive a $240.00 seed (Cashiers check) that will be planted into that partners ministry or business.

 Affiliate Program

 · Anyone that has a website from us qualifies, for this wonderful opportunity:

  1.Send a client to our site (GGWD)

 2. This person must have your name and a 7 digit code (example: Bill Smith Id # a3gjK09).

This is used to identify each affiliate with the information provided by them.

 3. After this person becomes a client of ours by purchasing a website plan you will receive a $25.00

Seed  (Cashiers check) from us, Lloyd & Carolyn Lockett.

Affiliate Student Program

This is formatted the same as the above program but with a $50.00 seed (Cashiers check)

Cantact us by Phone 763-4247042 or E-mail and we will mail or fax this form to you.

NOTE: You can print this form by

1. click on image

2. click file tab on your toolbar uptop

3. click the word print

Fill this form out with your 7 digit code on it and send it to us.

P.O. BOX 1683 Maple Grove MN 55311

 Thank you for your partnership.


 Office: 763-424-7042

Cell: 612-991-2399


Click light blue boxes below to view info and pricing. Thank you.

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