Who is Ana Maria Padurean?

Ana Maria Padurean

Ana Maria Padurean
BirthdayFriday, June 17, 1960
Member SinceSaturday, April 16, 2005
Last ActivityWednesday, July 21, 2021
LocationOradea, Bihor, Romania Romania
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About Me
About Me
Greetings From Romania! I'm Ana Maria, mother of two grown up children: Ramona 24 and Alex 21, and the wife of my husband! Would you believe that? :-) We are very well together as my heart stocked somewhere between 25 and 30, and I can enjoy life now like than, along with my kids! My husband has no choice :-)) Of course I'm kidding, he is part of our life and we of his; he's a great person too. I love him very much. For me true friendship has a great value. I enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world, from different cultures with different habits. I like jokes, music, sports, animals, and people; not necessarily in that order. SOMETHING CUTE FOR YOU! SNEEZING PANDA CUB I graduated as a chemical engineer and during 14 years managed to become a research scientist, which was the dream of my collage years but things changed radically over here and my life road led me to a completely different direction ... for several years working in Life Insurance, Financial Planing, client service management, trainings and other things like this, as almost all our chemical industry is gone with the wind. Now, after a long time I feel again entirely pleased with what I'm doing; I'm the manager of an International Clinic's Branch in Oradea. About my business interests...see my profile. Though, I have to confess that the most I like online is Adland and its Community! I have so few time left even for this, so that I really do not have time for anything else with the internet. If you want to know me better, here are a few places where you can read more ABOUT ME, and I'll post the links here in a short time, and till than, feel free to contact me anytime; I'm here and you know how to find me. All the best to you, Anamaria
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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (5/22/2016 10:26:49 PM) : Happiness is one's mind over matter. One's mind being the individual, living among the living ... Matter is infinite from the point of an individual ... beyond Earth into the cosmos ... by Jan aka Jaz (December 23, 2015)
Seini Chai - (3/6/2012 12:32:38 PM) : Feel Healthy & Happy
Jim Allen - (10/26/2011 11:08:56 PM) : Hey Gal where you hiding? Behind that tree?
Zoltan Sandor Szabo - (10/15/2011 8:20:55 PM) : Hello, esti foarte simpatica
Mohamed Gani - (6/13/2011 7:15:45 PM) : Where are you My Friend ? I am missing you a lot. Please keep in touch with me. Your Bad Boy.......(LOL) Gani.
Patrick Pierre - (4/24/2011 1:04:07 AM) : Happy Easter!
Junevaa Furida - (4/6/2011 2:59:46 PM) : "Hi" How your day!
Mohamed Gani - (11/1/2010 4:31:41 PM) : The Gem of Women.
Jim Allen - (9/27/2010 7:23:36 PM) : I see you behind that tree,
Jim Allen - (5/30/2010 10:20:31 PM) : Hey Lady, how's tricks. Hope you are well and family is too.


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