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Royce Penstinger

Royce Penstinger
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About Me

Just your usual tree hugging environmentally active, anti nuclear, conservative liberal hippy with a penchant for a good Merlot out begging the world for a few links and the occassional donation to the cause.  The cause...closing Entergy's Indian Point Nuclear Plant that is leaking radioactive crap into the Hudson, visit my blogs, maybe toss me a link, and if you are feeling generous, give my advertisers a click or two.  If you are feeling REALLY generous, you could even make a donation to the cause with my Pay Pal link.   Not selling anything here, just being a tree hugger chasing after windmills.


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Kathy Hamilton - (1/8/2007 3:29:39 PM) : hello,
welcome glasd your here great work,
Kathy Hamilton
Royce Penstinger - (1/8/2007 3:29:39 PM) : Thanks Kathy:

Always nice to get positive feed back, as too often being and environmental activist is not easy work...IE, this past week someone posted a hate page against me, including posting my home, your words came at a perfect time.


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