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About Me
Welcome and thank you for visiting me on Adlandpro. My name is Wilma and I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado.and I’m excited about making new friends and helping as many people as I can achieve their dreams of financial success. I’d love to meet you and explore with you how I might help you reach your financial goals.  Click here">here> to learn what changed my life.I’m not here to promote or sell you anything.  My personal journey for success has had its peaks and valleys.  It is my sincere hope to help many others with their journey for success in less time and effort than it has taken me.  I’m here to offer my help for free.  Our free training applies to any business.  With our training, you will be able to take your business to the level you desire and deserve.  Here’s a bit about my personal experience.  I didn’t always have my own business.  I attended graduate school on a working scholarship at the University of Hawaii, wrote a Masters Thesis on a Mathematical Model of Negotiation, and fell in love with the kaleidoscope of people on the Islands.  My initial assignment, arriving fresh from the Mainland was to take roll call of a freshman class of students.  I struggled to pronounce the different names.  When I called out an Asian name, a blue eyed blond raised her hand.  When I called out an Anglo name, an Asian face raised his hand.  It was evident that they were just having fun with this greenhorn Haole from the Mainland and I smile to this day when I recall my orientation to the Islands.  Living in Hawaii had an incredible impact on my life.  I love the gentleness and genuine respect of people of many nationalities, colors, and religions.  I compare this love of Islanders to enjoying a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, each with its own unique beauty.  My desire is to pass on this Islander attitude to whoever I have the pleasure of meeting.In Hawaii, I married a Polaris Submarine Naval Officer and we moved several times.  I found myself in California, divorced, and with a young family to support.  I bluffed my way as a professional in the Computer Industry.  I applied myself and did well.  No one ever suspected that I was learning on the job.  At that time, we technical gals were not received as equals and quickly learned to use unisex names, so that we’d at least be called in for interviews.  Once we arrived for an interview, at least we had a chance to promote ourselves for the job.  Just within a few years, Silicon Valley’s growth was exploding at about 360%.  The result was that technical gals quickly received comparable respect and salary as the guys.  I was at the right place at the right time and I enjoyed a lengthy impressive career and a generous income.  It did however, came at a high price. The long hours eventually took their toll on my health and in 1998; I was disabled and no longer able to work a regular job.I still needed an income.  A logical alternative was to work out of my home, because it enabled me to work just a couple of hours at a time, rest, and then work some more.  I was introduced to Network Marketing and intrigued by the concept.  Why?  Because Network Marketing is truly about helping others achieve their goals.  It is a people business and I liked that.I embraced this new undertaking with an upbeat attitude and unstoppable perseverance. I chose products or services that I felt good about and personally benefited from. I felt that gave me the integrity to recommend them to others. I was taught to make a list and give out free samples. I joined a handful of companies. In a few of them, I built a large organization and made a sizable income, only to watch my organization atrophy. I had mastered working hard; I did not know how to work smart.  I thought that something was wrong with me.  I was told to just buy more leads and work harder. Click here">here> to learn how I discovered that my lack of success was not my fault.Finding this free mentoring system has been a blessing. I would like to introduce you to an amazing group of peers and leaders who are all taking this journey together.  This is all free just for the asking Our team members are all dedicated to reaching out and helping the next person.  Our goal is to change the world, one person at a time.  Among our team is a vast amount and variety of expertise. We learn people and communication skills and how to create our own custom leads using the Internet.  No products or companies are ever mentioned; just master minding together with people all over the world. Click here">here> to find out how you can save years of failure & frustration.  Wilma303.322.8340,
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