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About Me
Hi, ----------------------------- ----------------------------- For some reason, Adland's software and my WebTV do not get along and so do in this, (About Me) when I reply to messages & when I do a "Direct Contact" it does NOT put any space after both sentences and paragraphs. SO, I have to put these --------------- lines in to seperate the paragraphs. ---- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- Hope you do not get bored reading all of this. I just feel an "About Me" should give people enough information to decide if they think we could be friends or not. ----- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- First, people, who have known me for from at least 2 years, to over 50 years, will attest I am one of the MOST honest & truthful people they have EVER met in their entire lives. --- ---------------------------------------------------------- I can provide names & contact information to prove it. So you can take it to the bank what I am saying below is true. --------------------- ----------------------------- In spite of the way I come across by being very blunt & very honest truthful, I'm really a kind, fair, compassionate and caring person. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I saved many lives when I was a lifeguard and I've put my physical well being & life on the line many times to protect others. (And/or their civil rights.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- I've helped lead charity drives and raised thousands of dollars of charities. So far, I have given 5 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. (I would have given more blood only having cancer put a hold on that for about 10 years.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- One person said I have a "heart of Gold" and I've have many employees tell me I was the best supervisor they had ever had. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Some (illogical) people have complained they would not let me post to their forums and/or do not trust me because I do not have a picture posted. -- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- There are two reasons for my not posting a picture. The first being I do not have the equipment it takes to do it nor do I feel like making the effort to have it done. The second reason, is since I just about scare myself when I look in a mirror, why would I want to scare anyone else? :-) --- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Someone having a picture, or not having one, posted does NOT prove anything at all. Heck, you could look as nice and clean cut as Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dalmier and still be mass murderers like they were. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- A. I know some people do NOT use their own pictures. AND, B. Some people standing right in front of your will lie right to your face! ----- ----------------------------- --------------------------------- Anyone thinking seeing someone's (supposed) picture on a web site somehow makes them more honest is both very naive and not logical. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Next, while resumes are to "sell' you to get a job, a date, run for office, or for whatever, few will tell you any of negatives about the person. And, unlike most, I tell the negatives about me. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Why? Because I'm really "into" being very honest. I can not think of one question I can be asked for which I would not give a totally honest answer. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- So what follows is, so to speak, my "resume" ---------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- I'm a 71 year old (72 on 12-26) with a gifted level IQ. -------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Dr. Charles Hearn of Santa Monica, I have nearly double the national average in AQ. ------ --------------------------------------------------------------------(AQ = Ability Quotient. Which is the ability to effectively use the IQ one has.) --------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- According to tests I've taken, I read at nearly double the average reading of speed of college graduates of the 1950's with over 90% comprehension. --------------------------------------------------------------------My tested listening skills are FOUR times better than those of the aver. Fortune 500 Corporation supervisor. (And of course, their listening skills are higher than those of the average person.) ----- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- And I have a tested vocabulary level above the phd level. I am NOT that great at spelling, math, or grammar & I make far too many typos. I'm too blunt and not very tactful.) ----- --------------------------- --------------------------------- As far as writing, I'm kind of like what the famed author Leon Uris said about himself. It was something to the effect of: "Well maybe I can't conjugate or subjugate, only I sure can communicate." ------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- I am (when compared to most) very knowledgeable of both history and current events. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- "The more I know, the more I realize how little I know." ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I have a HUGE thrist for facts and knowledge. Since I want proof and love logic, I am really "into" science. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- "Science is the on-going, never- ending & self-correcting search for truth". --------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------- I submit it is only logical to use the best information we have at the time when making decisions. And as information is up-dated, be willing to change your decisions. ------ ----------------------------- ----------------------------- This desire to learn, this search for truth led me away from the Christian religion & caused me to become one of America's more than 20,000,000 Atheists. ------------------ ----------------------------- ----------------------------- (Like many Atheists, I know a lot more about the Christian Religion than most Christians ever even come close to knowing about it.) ---------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I've had experience in many fields including both military and the public sector. ----- ----------------------------- --------------------------------- I born in Colorado and lived with my parents in Colorado, Peru and Honduras. Then after moving around quite a bit on my own, I now live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, Ca. ----------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I have lived in 3 countries, 10 states and 20 cities. Visited 9 other countries, over 40 states, hundreds of cities and towns. ------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- For over 5 years, we lived at OVER 14,000 ft of elevation in Cerro De Pasco, Peru & we also lived in a rain forest for about a year in Rosario, Honduras. ------------------ ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ The facts are, I've done more different types of things than most people even think about doing, much less actually get around to doing. ----------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I've had many professions with the most lengthy being as a supervisor in the electronics manufacturing field, mostly building Computers. I worked for NCR as a supervisor with 7 cost centers and over 90 people. (Which was more cost centers and more people than any supervisor at NCR ever had before or since.) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- (After over 10 years with NCR. I was asked to resign. The reason they gave me was that I was too persistent. During a visit several years later, I found they had decided to do 3 out of the 5 things I had been persistent about. Now why would they have done that had I not been right about them in the first place? ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Oh yea, they had to hire TWO people to do the same job I had been doing for years.) -- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------I was also a manufacturing supervisor for Magnavox, TRW Data Systems & Quotron. And I was a "sustaining" (industrial) engineer for XEROX. - ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I've also been a bar tender, a deep diver/tender, a bouncer, salesperson, lifeguard, cafe owner, staked uranium chaims, a ranch hand and many more. (Was also a Civil Defense Aux. Policeman.) ----------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I LOVE women, logic, dogs, & cats. I was only married for two years and I really regret not having found a "life partner" and still being married. I have no Childred & that is something else I regret. -------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------Sadly, I prove even reasonably intelligent people do really, really stupid things as I've done far too many of them. And I'm also really terrible at financial things. ----------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- I was one of those "Eat, Drink and Be Merry Guys for Tomarrow You May Die." (Then I have lived 20 years longer than I thought I would.) ------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------------------- I have a sub-conscious, and self -sabotaging mental problem which has prevented me from reaching the success I should have. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- I call it my "Karen Carpender Syndrome." She died because she did not eat enough to live. As there is not much which is easier to do than eat so you can see how powerful such a problem can be. ----- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Let's see, I have much too quick of a temper, I tend to yell at people (and the TV) when they say, or do, stupid things. And I call people names. I just say the first thing which comes to mind. --- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- I suffer fools very little and intelligent fools even less. I do NOT suffer those who lie at all! -------------------------------------------------------------------- I am NOT into being politically correct, tactful or diplomatic Rather, I'm into TRUTH, COMMON SENSE, FACTS. KNOWLEDGE, PROOF and LOGIC. ---------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- (Which causes me to pretty well know what I am talking and/or writing about.) ------------ ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Sadly, most people do NOT take the time to really research things or to check the facts like they should. Rather, they get much of what they believe second or third hand from others who got it the same way and yet never take the time to find out if it was true or not. -------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------------- This is the main reason many hoax's get passed around the net. Many for year after year after. All because those who pass them on are either too lazy or dumb to verify them first. --------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- The facts are the ONLY reason most people are religious is because who ever raised them PROGRAMMED them when they were babies, children and as young adults in to their religion. - ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Just like the Catholic Church says: ----------------------- ----------------------------- "Give me a child until the age of six and they are mine forever." ----------------------------- --------------------------------- And this is true for all religions, get them young and really brain wash em! ------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Like it or not, this is why nearly ALL the people who are religious, are religious! --- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- The facts are, NO religion has ANY proof their religion is any more valid than are any of the other thousands of various religious groups. ALL they have is faith and dogma. They have ZERO, NONE, NO proof!) - ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Many, who are truly interested in facts, freedom and truth are succesful in the deprogramming of themselves. We have been where religious people are now and we have moved past it. -- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Most of the over 20,000,000 of Americans who are Atheists. WERE raised as Christians. Only we were tired of the hypocrisy, the contradictions and the many lies of religion. And how religion goes against the laws of physics, science and common sense. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- So we searched for truth and true freedom. A search which led us to our non-belief. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note, we just dis-believe in ONE LESS god than do the Jews, Christians, or Moslems. --- ----------------------------- --------------------------------- FYI (For Your Information) -- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- A little more than 1/3 (Two Billion plus) of the world's population believe in the concept of ONE god. (And it is NOT the SAME god.) --------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- A little more than 1/3 (Two Billion plus) of the world's population believe in the concept of MANY gods. ------ ---------------------------- FOR THOSE ILLOGICAL PEOPLE WHO SAY PROVE THERE IS NOT A GOD, (Their God) I SAY, PROVE THERE ARE NOT MANY GODS like the Hindu's say there are! --------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- While the remaining less than 1/3 of the world's population believe in NO gods. -------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- As I said, most people get their information 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th hand and just accept it as true. Then (sadly) they go around acting like they actually have a clue about things they are totally wrong about. --------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Things which any real open minded and in-depth research would PROVE was totally wrong! ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Next subject: ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- As the video of the bombing of the Olympic's in Atlanta proves, when something really bad happens, the people there do one of the three following things. ----------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------------- A. Some just stand there like a deer in your headlights. --- ----------------------------------- B. Some run away from what ever just happened as fast as they can. -------------------- --------------------------------- C. A very few, run toward what just happened do what they can to help. While these people may think about the danger they may face, it makes no difference to them, they still go toward what ever happened to see if they can help. --- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Since I have done it many times in the past, I know I'm one of those who runs toward things to help. ------------------------------------------------------------------- And I have, more than a few times, put my physical well being, my life on the line to help and/or protect others and this includes animals. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- (Those times do not include any my over 10 years of military service. ----------------------------- ----------------------------------- I also served for ver 6 years in the National Guard & active army reserve. Plus over 3 years on active duty as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division) --- ---------------------------------------------------------- OPPS, I nearly forgot: ----- ----------------------------- Please see my forum about our war on Terror. ----------------------------------------------------------- It has information in which more than proves our war in Iraq was fully justified and it is a very necessary part of our war on terror. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ In Sept. of 06, it will be 9 years I've been drinking, & when needed, using Nature's Natural Healing Miracle, Tahitian Noni Juice. (Now me calling anything a "miracle" is a junior miracle in it's self.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- In it's raw pure state, it has been very effectively used for OVER 5,000 YEARS! And that was BEFORE we made it even better by adding two other natural fruit juices to it! -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Since the company is afraid of the FDA & their stupid rules, and in spite of the fact the FDA LOST in a Federal Court, they do not hardly have any information about the true power of Noni in the following website.) ---------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------------ ---------------------------- SO, for info on this true healing miracle, please message me and get the FACTS! ----------------- ----------------------------- Well, that is more than enough for now.-------------------- ----------------------------- Please, Take Care! --------- ---------------------------- Neil THANK YOU!
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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (10/24/2009 2:50:20 PM) : Hello Neil, in reading "About You" :) A camera phone is an excellent photo fix ~ send photo to your email account ~ copy and paste to your own forum thread ~ this should create a jpeg url for you :)
Jean Marie - (9/14/2008 5:58:14 PM) : Hey Neil-

Honored to be your friend.

Melissa Fulwider - (6/18/2007 9:32:32 PM) : Tough, Intelligent, and gives no quarter to foolishness. I appreciate this man and respect him.
Neil Sperling - (5/2/2007 11:08:47 PM) : Neil to Neil
I Love a person willing to state their position square on. You pull no punches and tell it like you see it.... yet it is obvious you are a caring gentleman. I'm sure you "NEVER change your mind - yet you are ALWAYS willing to make a new decision based on additional information"
You cause others to think... and that is something many seldom do. I rate anyone who marches to their own drum beat 10.5 - so you get 10.5 from me - it shows only 10 because Adland doen't show the point 5.... at this time!
Steve Baric - (11/21/2006 6:55:43 PM) : It takes a lot to get me to block someone. Insulting me in a forum for a difference of opinon is one thing. Actually sending me a private message to continue insulting me is another. I'm not going to waste another ounce of energy on this crap.
Neil Reinhardt - (11/21/2006 6:55:43 PM) : OH MY, what a TERRIBLE insult!

My personal message to Clueless was:

"from your post on Iraq, I see the only thing which exceeds your ignorance on the subject is your arrogance that you have a clue! YOU DO NOT!"

Is it my fault he posts things which PROVES he has either NOT taken to time to find out if they are correct OR simply denys any facts which prove him worng?


Seems awfully THIN SKINNED to me!

Poor Baby!
Kathleen Vanbeekom - (9/22/2006 4:44:22 PM) : Good American! Good boy!! WOOF!!!
Neil Reinhardt - (9/22/2006 4:44:22 PM) :
Hi Kathleen,

THANK YOU for your kind words. I have really enjoyed our various e-mail communications and your various forums.

Please, Take Care!

Elizabeth Otto - (8/27/2006 2:48:25 AM) : Hi! Elizabeth Otto here. Had to give you a 10 because you are definitely fearless. You can be anything you want to be and that doesn't mean a thing to me if I like you. I don't judge people. I listen. I learn and perhaps I comment but being an athiest or anything else isn't important to me. Honesty and truth are important to me. I can't agree with you on alot of things but that doesn't matter in the long run. Should differences in opinion stop a friendship? I don't think so. I would like to be friends and we will see where it goes from there. If you end up not liking me or I end up not liking you there is always a delete button. Is that fair enough?



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