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Jayson VanBeekom

Jayson VanBeekom
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LocationGrand Rapids, Michigan, United States United States
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About Me

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I like to do what most other young dudes like; I watch TV for long periods of time, eat junk food (especially before dinner), play video games, and the occasional drawing. Someday I hope to be one of the greatest video game designers in the industry. I never got anything higher than a 2.0 on my high school GPA, but thats because I was always sleeping, not because I'm a moron. I don't now, nor have I ever had a job. I get by on Christmas and birthday money, or by scrounging the streets for loose change at night like a bum. Just kidding. I also think taking showers is overrated. Not kidding. I know wrestling is fake, but I still like to watch it. And finally, I love eating hot sauce plain. I could chug any type of hot sauce and not be bothered by it. I'm just that crazy.

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Soner Isik - (1/12/2011 12:23:27 PM) :
Jack Sunshine - (9/28/2010 5:07:14 PM) : Hello Jayson are going to love this!
Jayson VanBeekom - (9/27/2010 10:47:53 PM) : I found that out with the help of a bucket. TMI too much info.


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