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Tim McClannahan

Tim McClannahan
BirthdaySunday, November 24, 1957
Member SinceFriday, April 21, 2006
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LocationMadison, Wisconsin, United States United States
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About Me
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Interests: Religion, Music
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Andy MIHALACHE - (6/18/2006 5:43:05 AM) : It looks to me that you only deserve the same rating, Tim. This is just because it is not possible for any lower...

It is not very nice to treat like this people who may help you get your business up or of the ground, Tim.

Did you try any of my Marketing Solutions BEFORE to rate me? I am doing quite well and I'm NOT bankrupt because when I first started, I did learn from experienced marketers how this business works. I am still learning, even NOW!

You may consider reviewing your attitude.

Have a nice day.
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Tim McClannahan - (6/18/2006 5:43:05 AM) : I think the trouble I'm having,
I there been to many scammers out
although there really are more honest people
it seems the bad just get more press,
and that makes it harder for us good people
Kathy Hamilton - (6/6/2006 11:32:28 AM) : Hello
welcome to Adlandpro, we are glad to have you here as part of our family.great site best wishes to you,I am here to help you if you need any .kathy
Tim McClannahan - (6/6/2006 11:32:28 AM) : For now all I can afford is the free ad sites but they don't seem to be doing to well,
What may I be doing wrong?


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