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Doris Shewchuk
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About Me

I was born in the very beautiful Rhein valley, Germany which was home until my family relocated to Canada. I graduated from Highschool in 1971 with honors and a Business & Commerce Diploma.

I returned to Germany for some years and traveled through France, Switzerland, most of Germany and Holland.

In 1989, I returned to college and into Hotel Management and Tourism Services.

My life has been a bit of a spiritual journey. The traveling , the variety of jobs, meeting different people, connecting with nature, different cultures, different religions, It's been one big quest...and I'm not done yet!

I hope this give you a little insight as to who I am. And maybe I will meet YOU along the Path.

Wishing you light and love, Doris

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Anne Marie Parr - (3/18/2008 9:36:40 PM) : Hi Doris, Interesting website set up very nice.
I too am from Thunder Bay and on Adlandpro.
It's nice to see our community here.
I see you are at marina park in the summer.
I am still hoping for a little more snow so I can get skiing one more time. But I can't seem to fit it in these days.
I am busy working with Heart & Stroke on the Corporate INCH Challenge and Sears National Kids Cancer Ride.
Trying to sell products on my websites and
Did you hear about the Women's Forum April 13th? There may still be some tables available to promote and display your business. Call Shirely for more detail. You can often catch me Monday to Friday at the Bodymind Centre at lunch time I teach classes for workers in the area. Hope we get to meet each other take care.
Doris Shewchuk - (3/18/2008 9:36:40 PM) : Wow...small world! I'm not into skiing but I do like my sailing.
Lee Talmadge - (9/10/2005 3:49:57 PM) : Hi Doris,
I find you very active, supportive,caring and honest in a lot of forums we both attend here at adland and enjoy reading your post. I’m glad you are part of adland family , I wish you success you all you do :-) Lee
Doris Shewchuk - (9/10/2005 3:49:57 PM) : Thank you Lee,
For your kind words. I find that supporting each other is the only way everyone can achieve success. I love your website by the way. Great Christmas shopping there! I love dragons!
Wishing you success my friend,
Greer Trumble - (8/9/2005 6:55:09 PM) : Doris has a great web site and is a very active member in our community -- her postings are always positive, she interacts well and understands the need for continuous learning. She is a tremendous asset!!
Doris Shewchuk - (8/9/2005 6:55:09 PM) : Greer, my friend,
As long as you're tutering, I'll be listening.
Even if I only absorb half, I'll be way ahead. Thanks for your friendship.
Love and light,
Dave Young - (7/26/2005 7:55:32 PM) : Life is beautiful, and it even more wonderful having friends like Doris. I appreciate you and I wish you all the very best.

Your friend,
Dave Young
Doris Shewchuk - (7/26/2005 7:55:32 PM) : Thank you Dave,
Youse guys are the best friends I could ask for.
Wishing abundance and joy,
Eileen H - (7/25/2005 8:18:09 PM) : Doris has such a great personality,that shows in her great big smile.She is such a caring and positive person,
She should be an inspiration to all.
Wishing you the best
Doris Shewchuk - (7/25/2005 8:18:09 PM) : Thank you so much Eileen,
You're a great inspiration yourself. And your smile's such a pleasure to be your friend.
Love and light,


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