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Nigel Pearcey
BirthdayThursday, August 30, 1951
Member SinceTuesday, June 17, 2003
Last ActivityThursday, October 11, 2018
LocationKeighley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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About Me
About Me
After many years working in a great many area's of technology and industry I began an online business and quickly built up a very good relationship with people in the advertising networks and launched my own auto response systems with a hugely developed intelligence software and found a lot of very interesting people that were working from home which was great but many lacked the drive to become bigger than than they were and whilst I totally respect they were happy to do what they were doing I needed to move onwards and find a niche to satisfy my drive to do better than I was at the time. I moved my idea's into an advertising industry of my own became very successful until four years ago I suffered a catastrophic loss that stopped me from working online completely until very recently. I must explain at this point that the catastrophe that I suffered was AMD which is a disorder which in my case took away my eyesight literally over night and as you can imagine was devastating to say the least but I pulled myself together after some unsuccessful operations and began pulling together ways in which I could regain my work place online using intelligent software to help me to read and write as a blind person. I did a lot of soul searching and basically went back to school with a lot of help from friends and colleagues who pulled me through the mental anguish which had blighted my will and drive and so on the 4th od June I attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace to meet the Duchess of Wessex who was perfectly delightful and I also ran into people that were in my position of being blind , when I came away from the Palace in London I decided to dig my heels in and rebuild my advertising network and put meaning back into my life and so here I am with a brand new network that I am currently in the process of launching to be bigger and better than my last one. Initially it will consist of ---- a search engine a traffic exchange system and an advertising manager all will be connected to other networks like Adlandpro and many other area's of the advertising industry as a whole. Please join and follow my journey because I know that you will benefit from it and my dedication to it. I am also now a Ltd company named as NJP Business Ltd with a completely new store at .
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Jim Allen - (11/25/2016 4:03:46 PM) : No Ads on The Community Wall Please Sir. Read the notices on the site, they will tell you whether ads are welcome or not.


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