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Type: Entertainment
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Date Created: 1/2/2016
City: Tirana
Description: A murder in New Orleans leads Mississippi prosecutor, Leigh Reid, into an international chase. She becomes entangled in a global search for a coded disc which was unknowingly slipped to her by a trusted colleague before he faked his own death and started running for his life. The disc was evidence from the murder and Leigh is saddled with the burden of either turning it over to the FBI or trying to decode it herself, even while believing she's being followed by someone. Having already discovered widespread corruption in her prosecution office, she opts to take a research job in St. Augustine, Scotland. Here she meets a student whose father wants to offer Leigh a consulting job to investigate a 200-year old family murder. Even though she is cognizant that someone has continued to follow her movements since relocating to Scotland, she decides to take the job and stay a few steps ahead of whoever is chasing her for the disc. Leigh unexpectedly finds herself attracted to the father of the student, who also holds the title of Duke of Dalroch. Fighting her feelings for him, she finds herself in a weak and vulnerable point. This is when she suddenly is drugged and kidnapped by the mercenary leader who has been tracking down the disc for his employer. The twists and turns resulting from the tackling of the two murders, one in the past and one in the present, puts Leigh's own life in jeopardy. Not only does she need all her strength to fight for her life, but she needs to keep her emotions at bay so she can keep anyone else from being in danger.

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