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Tsu Social Network
Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: Michael Volkmannowns this group. Michael Volkmann
Date Created: 2/18/2015
City: München
Address: New York, New York, US
Description: What is tsu social network?
Social media has been a huge hit ever since MySpace became mainstream many years back. Unfortunately social media sites such as MySpace, FourSquare, Twitter, and Facebook all make an incredible amount of money off users without giving a penny back. Thankfully a new network was launched in October of 2014 that actually gave a large portion of the revenue earned off users directly back to the users! Welcome to Tsu.
Tsu, pronounced Sue, is a unique network that features an interface much like you’ll find on Facebook. With a wall to post on, a profile picture and cover photo to edit, and a list of friends and followers you can view, there are staggering similarities between the two social networks which is proving to be highly beneficial for Tsu.
How do you really get paid?
What you may already know from other social media sites is that the advertisements are smart and based off of what you view and your account. Now, most social media sites just scoop all of that revenue up and pocket the earnings, however with Tsu you can earn it back. Don’t fret – this isn’t a full time job or a chore. In fact all you have to do is be 100% yourself as you would on Facebook and other sites, and you’ll get paid for it!
The more you engage others and encourage others to engage with your content (posts, photos, etc.), the more you accrue advertisement earnings. The more advertisement earnings you accrue, the more you get paid. Simple! You’ll be getting paid for something you’re already doing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
Expanding your earnings
Let’s face it – lots of things take word of mouth to encourage people to join. Surely someone encouraged you to join Facebook before it became popular, and much like that you’ll need to spread the word to encourage others to join Tsu. Fortunately, you’ll be compensated for your advertisement.
Unlike other social media sites, you’ll not only gain earnings through people interacting with your content, you’ll also gain earnings through people interacting with the content on those you encouraged to join Tsu! This type of profit earning can translate into an exponential amount of earnings with very little work on your part. Simply encourage and enlist your friends, family, and social connections to join Tsu with your referral code. You’ll then have the luxury of connecting with them and earning money based off their content.

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2/18/2015 9:20:48 AM (3206 days ago), Mohamed Hassan wrote:
Micheal Wish you great success in implementing tsu social network among our community!
in What is tsu social network? in Tsu Business
2/18/2015 9:12:53 AM (3206 days ago), Michael Volkmann wrote:
Social media has been a huge hit ever since MySpace became mainstream many years back. Unfortu...
in What is tsu social network? in Tsu Business
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