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Type: Health & Wellness
Owner: Venkateshwar Mamidalaowns this group. Venkateshwar Mamidala
Date Created: 2/26/2014
City: Hyderabad
Address: Hyderabad, India
Phone: 918096058416
Description: How to give birth to HEALTHY CHILD?

I being Medical Astrologist I will explain you to give birth to HEALTHY CHILD. There are two causes

1. Astrological Cause : I explained in detail in my websites
2. Scientific Causes : Our body contains many parts to function our day to day life. For smooth functioning they require some Minerals, Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins etc...
For example : If we have a Vehicle we need Fuel to run, Oil to protect moving parts, Greese to protect some parts, Air to protect Tyres and Tubes etc...
Similarly for smooth functioning of our body they need as under. We will get all Minerals, Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins etc..need to our body daily are available in our Healthy food. It always protect your Health and protect your unborn child's Health. You will have a Healthy child with your Healthy food, Healthy life style etc...I wish it.
For details visit my website If you are resident of India or If you are resident of any other country

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