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Computer Repair


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Computer Repair
Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: Muhammad Aslamowns this group. Muhammad Aslam
Date Created: 9/11/2013
City: Alhambra
Address: 317 W MAIN ST STE 315 ALHAMBRA, CA.
Phone: 6263907964
Description: We are a team of Microsoft and Cisco certified IT professionals who take pride in providing IT services remotely. With the advancement of technology, the world has changed a lot. We can now communicate and interact across the ocean in Nano seconds. This has made things handy and introduced ease in our life. Just like we do not need to get to market and look out for our favorite branded shoes because we can explore online store, similarly, you do not need to worry about daily issues that your PC or laptop face.

Now, you do not need to wait for someone to visit you and charge you some extra dollars for providing home support. Just let us know at the moment you need any support regarding your windows and other software/hardware related issue. We will instantly provide you support at your place remotely.

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