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Jerry Mullins
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Type: Business
Owner: Jerry Mullinsowns this group. Jerry Mullins
Date Created: 4/5/2013
City: Eutaw
Address: 525 Kirksey Ave
Phone: 205-372-3973
Description: Understanding How A Business Function.Most people in many cases spend their hard Earned MONEY either online or offline think because they see and hear of someone else succeeding they can do it too.
But the truth is businesses doon't work on what we see or think.
Just because someone have the money to get started in a business or have some tiny little bit of knowledge; Businesses don't care about what we see or someone else told us. All businesses work on a specific set of principles; Take and offline resturant for an exampe: Just because someone have the necessary money to get started,and people all around been telling you that you are the best cook in town and everyone know it,you shouldn't have any problems getting customers.
But belive it or not there is a lot morer to operating a business than just those two things.
I've seen so many people on and offline startup a brand new business on just those two assumptions and within a year or so they were in and out of business, with all their hard Earn MONEY gone.

I recalled when i was in my early 30's i was married and doing quite well in the Insurance business, and i had always had this passion for owning a big cattle ranch. I didn't have any land of my own but the brothe-in-law to my father-in law did,so i went to him and got permission from him to put some cattle in his pasture, back in 1973 cattle was cheap at the auction,so i and my father-in-law went over to the auction and spent all day long and i purchase 8 head of cattle, and to make a long store short, when we arrived at my in laws home that night,he was not at home,but he had left a message for me with his wife saying that he changed his mind and i couldn't put my cattle in his pasture.And within lest than 6 months i was in and out of the cattle business.I and my wife even got in to Amway when the were just getting started, that lasted just about 4 or 5 months because i didn't have no knowledge about managing one's time. So when the Internet came along so in 2003 i went online to make my fortune, and the word FREE took me for a loop (spending wise) just like it doing so many people today.

After spending more than $18,000 dollars of my hard Earned MONEY,i finally said to myself there is somehing about operating a business that i just don't understand. and after going thru two more marriages (WOW)! I said to myself that's it for me,i've lost all my money i am out. But i learned that i had just paid for my learning and i want to share my...

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