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Health and Wellness and Shaklee


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Health and Wellness and Shaklee
Visibility: Public
Type: Health & Wellness
Owner: Elaine Groff Wolffowns this group. Elaine Groff Wolff
Date Created: 8/20/2012
City: Brookings
Address: All Cities
Phone: 800-291-4903
Description: I just started a challenge based on some things I learned in our Primary Business Global Conference. Dr. Jamie McManus talked about globesity... a rapidly growing condition seriously threatening the health of many people. We learned how this crisis started, the forces that have contributed to it and how Shaklee is helping people effectively fight this battle with Cinch.
Shaklee introduced new Cinch Snack Crisps. You can choose from Barbecue or Sea Salt, BIG FLAVOR... NO GUILT!

I have shared in the past about the join free with Shaklee's Vitalizer Nutritional Supplements with the amazing ability to go to the right place to give you the Right Supplemental benefits. I also want to encourage you if you are serious about a first rate company to use as a business opportunity to look at the other options for joining the NUMBER 1 Nutritional company in the U.S.

Back to the Cinch... there is an opportunity that you can take advantage of right now to order the Cinch transformation Pack for 3 months and get the fourth month free.

If you want to start this new program right away you can get in touch with me or Ken on line at; or. go to our website or call us at 1-800-291-4903. I will be adding more information later... Thank you and have a great day.

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