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Making money million


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Making money million
Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: James Artisowns this group. James Artis
Date Created: 2/27/2012
City: Kinston
Description: WAZZUB is a Brilliant Concept -- It has NEVER been done before.

80,000+ members have registered in the first 12 days!!
(see bottom of message for updated numbers)

WAZZUB is the first truly global community that pays its members for
doing NOTHING different than what they are currently doing every day.

It is not MLM (multi level marketing) -- WAZZUB is very special!
No other company has ever offered 50% of all its profits to those
people who join for F.R.E.E. and stay F.R.E.E. -- NEVER pay anything.

WAZUB is a multi-billion dollar project.
It has been in the making since 2007 with over $2 million already

It's the new Perfect Internet Phenomenon.
It's here to stay and you are one of the first in the world to know
about it.
Only those who register before the 31st March will become WAZZUB
Profit Sharers. They will have the chance to earn UNLIMITED PASSIVE
INCOME every month for LIFE!

If you want to be a WAZZUB Profit Sharer, you must hurry, 99.99% of
the world doesn't know about this yet.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Enter your email

Step Three: Click Join


Due to extreme rapid growth Wazzub is moving to higher capacity
servers between now and January 1st when prelaunch kicks in. You may
experience some periodic down time. If this is the case when you
attempt to sign up please come back later and try again. Please
bookmark this page for future visits

Wazzub is growing at an unbelievable rate... check out the numbers

14.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 202,000
16.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 222,594
17.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 234,356
18.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 258,171
19.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 273,432
20.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 293,805
21.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 321,233
22.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 348,261
23.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 384,280
24.1.2012 - Total Members world wide - 423,496

Today 2/8/2012
more than 1,000,000 !!!

Why would anyone be foolish enough to ignore this. Become a member

and Our Personal WazzUB Group will help you like is helping me!!!

To do what I am just "writing Down HERE!!!!!"

The Power of "We" is waiting for you, to Join My Link to be one of US!

James Artis

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