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Do NOT miss STIFORP - Everyone get's paid.. promote ANY business!
Visibility: Public
Type: Advertising
Owner: Cornel Rightonowns this group. Cornel Righton
Date Created: 8/10/2011
City: Los Angeles
Description: A success strategy that will explode YOUR Business - Must Read..

Here is a strategy that will explode your success. This will help you..
If you haven't noticed, there is a "gold rush" of new programs. If you don't know how to market, it doesn't matter what program you are in, you probably won't make it.
STIFORP (Profits spelled backwards) is the perfect solution, especially for newbies. Let me explain..
Most people lack the skills, tools and training to effectively market their program, or if they can, they have people in their organization who can't. STIFORP offers professional tools and training to promote ANY business for a low, low price of 9.95/month. In addition, they have a powerful compensation plan where people can earn over $2OOO without enrolling a single person.

Here is why STIFORP may be the breakthrough you have been looking for.
You not only have a powerful suite of tools for you and your associates, you and your associates can market the program itself to EVERYONE without being intrusive or saying.. "join my business" or "my business is better than yours", rather you can promote it as "a marketing system to promote ANY business." - this is brilliant and people are pouring in (see bottom of this email).
It is said that the people who made the m'oney during the gold rush were the ones selling the shovels!
Do not miss this HUGE o'pportunity to sell shovels!
Go here right now and sign-up for f'ree and GET IN EARLY (Launching Sept. 20th). You are part of a fast-growing team, we are #7 on the leaderboard. Since the matrix is only 2 wide, there should be plenty of spillover if you act fast.

Here is a capture page I made through STIFORP in about 5 minutes for my STIFORP business Residuals Infinity. Residuals Infinity is a new reverse 2-up that is FULLY AUTOMATED. If you don't have a successful main program consider joining both programs. The strategy here is to use one to promote the other while building both at the same time with the same people. I fired my boss on the 2-up compensation plan and am very serious about all of this. I invite you to join my team and my success..


Here is our team training site and webinar schedule. Join our team then invite your prospects

To our mutual success,
Righton 2 Freedom!

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