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Several Reasons to Become a Home-Based Distributor of this Amazing Gourmet Coffee infused with "the Miracle Herb" Ganoderma Lucidum

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Type: Business
Owner: Minerva Flandersowns this group. Minerva Flanders
Date Created: 6/6/2011
City: Hampton Roads
Description: ~ Many people safely Lose Weight with these products!
~ They help you Feel Really, Really Good!
~ Have More Energy! (Less Fatigue, yet a "Tranquil" Feeling!)
~ Think Sharper! (Deal with people easier)
~ Detoxify Your Body!
~ Strengthens Your Immune System!
~ 150+ Health Enhancing Nutrients/Anti-Oxidants every cup!
~ "Much" Less Expensive than coffee-shop brands! (75% less)
~ Very Inexpensive to "sample" people!
~ High Grade Premium Coffee Tastes Absolutely Delicious!
~ Month "Buy Back" Policy (as a distributor)
~ Highly "Consumable" Products people KEEP BUYING!
PLUS... The Best Compensation Plan in the industry that Pays 7 ways!! The New "Revolutionary" (Powerful and potentially very lucrative) Dual Team part of the compensation plan pays WEEKLY and offers you a "real" chance to earn the extra income you need or want. Then, there are the powerful: Uni-Level, Matching Bonus, Generational Bonus and Global Pool Bonuses you MUST hear about. This business offers you the chance to meet your goals in life, like maybe more Free-time. Even to RETIRE EARLY, like possibly in the next 6 to 18 months or so. To Learn More About the Compensation Plan:

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