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Coaching, Sponsoring Tips
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Type: Business
Owner: Leo Streatorowns this group. Leo Streator
Date Created: 4/6/2011
City: Minneapolis
Address: Mn
Phone: 507-463-3694
Description: I am a retired real estate agent
I was introduced to network marketing, (MLM) in the early '80's. The concept looked to good to be true. I was right, It was SIMPLE but not easy.
My sponser told me to make a list of my friends and family. I did not like the idea , I did it anyway.
I sponsored two family members but they quit after some rejection so I started approaching strangers. I was really out of my comfort zone.
With my "never quit" attitude and seeing others succeed I knew that if they could do it so could I so I continued. I went to every seminar available , attended every meeting I could, learned a lot but had only minor success.

Then after years of frustration and failure to achieve anything major, the internet became the tool for success in this indutry. I had found the answer. I didn't need to go out of my home to approach people, I could do it from home with my computer.I only needed computer skills for success, I thought. I signed up for every computer training program there was and after spending hundreds of hours and dollars I was still not where I wanted to be.

Then late one night I downloaded the FREE e-book 'Success In 10 Steps". I knew, from past experiences, I was into something big. The book outlined and was contrary to many things I had been taught. Like read the termination policy. I realized that many companies can terminate their agreement with me for no reason. Many companies do not like paying out residual moneys. There were several more things to be careful of.
I began to realize that my upline teachers had not been entirely fair and honest with me. (They were not bad people, they were only teaching what was taught them.)
There has to be a REASON most people quit and give up on their dream. What is needed is a blueprint and some basic instructions.
Don't give up on your dreams!
The answers are here!
Get and read this FREE e-book and learn the secret that is keeping you from major success.

Leo Streator

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