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Date Created: 2/9/2011
City: McHenry
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Description: Is The Gold Market A Bubble?

People who hate the discipline of gold are creative in their attacks to discredit honest money.

They say gold is in a bubble. But it is paper money that is in a bubble and the world is in the blow-off stage. In fact, every passing hour there is created tens of millions of dollars in phantom money. This requires more and more gold to rebalance the escalating deficit of substantive money.

Gold is not in a bubble. The world’s governments and people need more and more gold versus paper money.

Confidence in government “money” is collapsing. People all over the world are suddenly learning that governments steal from their citizens by inflating their currencies.

My advice to you is that if you wish to return to the good old days when you could buy a loaf of bread for a dime, then you must have some silver dimes. The baker will understand the value of a silver dime when the time comes.

Also, you should get money out of the United States into the Swiss franc and also investigate Swiss annuities. There is a $50,000 minimum now for the Swiss annuity. But, a 50 euro ($65 US), you can purchase KB Edelmetall AG gold bullion. Either method will work, just do not do nothing. It will be financially fatal.

Another offshore wealth protection strategy is offshore life insurance.

The greatest problem the American people have is currency depreciation by the government. The government produces nothing. Governments can only depreciate the value of the currency to pretend to pay debts and stabilize the economy.

Once again, gold is not in a bubble. It’s paper money that is in a bubble. Gold has been rising in paper money terms for 10 years because wealth holders around the world are increasingly seeing it as a more stable currency than their local currencies.

Gold is a more stable currency than paper money because of its scarcity; annual demand for gold exceeds its production. Annual demand for paper money does not. The truly damning phrase should not be gold-bug, but paper-bug. Many investors and media commentators resolutely refuse to understand gold as real money.
Compliments to Bob Livingston

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